Wednesday, July 16, 2014

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! - July 14, 2014

Happy Anniversary! Mom and Dad!

And thank you so much for writing my Dad. It really means a lot. It is really important to me to hear your testimony. Thanks for the encouragement. Don’t think that I forget about you, either :) Keep up the good work with helping Mom with Girls camp. Teaching primary kids, and being a great dad :) 

It was great to hear that Allen is back from his mission! I have to say that I was surprised at that. Time is going by fast. I have 8 months! A third of my Mission!

And the package! Thanks so much for the cards and the treats :) and the Bottle of Sunshine :) 

And thank you so much, Mom, for your letter. Thank You.
Your Testimony is so powerful. 

Well this is my week:
My companion is walking! He used the boot for the first part of the week, and now his just using his shoe. He still walks slowly, but at least he can walk now! If he wants to believe it or not, I really do feel like it was a fast recovery. I had to tell him that we were NOT going to go play soccer today :)

This week I have been able to see Revelation through Living Prophets in action; from the first presidency, we now are required to teach Lesson 5, Laws and Ordinances (Priesthood, Missionary Work, Temples, Eternal Marriage, Service/Callings and topics like that) before baptism now. It used to be that we taught it after, but now, it is before. Meaning, that the baptism that we had planned for this Saturday, we had to change to the next, so that we have enough time to teach all the new principles required. Oh well :) It just means that Converts will understand better how the church works and is organized :) 

This week my companion we battled with teaching the law of Chastity to Damian and his three daughters. We ended up teaching three separate lessons; one to Damian and his wife Belem, one to their Daughter Reina who is 13, and one with his other two daughters, Ailin 11 and Itzel 8, each time simpler and simpler according to their age; We tried to help them see that their bodies and gifts from God and that they need to take care of them in every was that we can, and we need to always be thinking about good things :) We were really struggling with it, but I feel it turned out well :)

And on Thurday we had a family home evening with this Wonderful family with another member family, about Tithing. We were worried because currently the Dad doesn’t have a job, but it turned out well and were able to bring the spirit as we bore testimony and sang '' Because I have been given much''. 

On Friday we had our Interviews with President Bird. It was really good. It was nothing more than a chat to see how we were doing and to give us encouragement one on one. He said something that I really like. He told my companion and I that we were the only ones in our half of the colony Moderna that are set apart and have the authority to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and Invite them to come unto him. It gave me a better perspective of my responsibility as a Missionary. He also in his letter talked about the worth of souls, which helped me remember that even the drunks that bug us in the streets, are children of God, that the universe was made for them, and us, so that we could be exalted. All the things in this Universe were made for us, the children of God, and our immortality and Eternal Joy. It is amazing that he entrusts such a work to us, 19 year old boys.

I don’t feel like I have a whole lot of great stories this week though, sorry about that :) But things are going. Thanks so much for your letters! 

I am running out of time to write more..... 

I send my love! 

Elder Redford

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