Monday, July 21, 2014

Moderna Ward‏ - July 21, 2014

Wow, you are all super busy this week! Not a day wasted. I hope that everything is in line with Girls camp and all; I know that it will turn out great! 
Sorry I couldn’t be there to help, and to load up the trailers :) 

Wow, those sound like some awesome cookies, Megan and Haylee! I think that mom is right; it would be hard to judge. I never would have thought about adding pringles to cookies :) Glad to hear that the girls are having a lot of fun this summer, baking, swimming, and swatting spiders off their teacher´s back! :) 
All the youths that I have talked to here all say that they are bored to death for summer vacation. What’s up with that? It might be because it is so hot here that no one wants to do anything, My companion told me that if it was this hot at his house he wouldn’t leave even to go to 'tienda' (shop, as in almost every corner there is a little shop of sorts :). It really is hot here though. We have entered the Canicula, the hottest part of the year. Everyone dreads it. I am thankful for sun screen. And oh yeah our house is on the second story and doesn’t have working AC. just fans and, to sleep, I get a washcloth wet and freeze it, and then put it on my forehead to cool down to sleep. It works! 

And my toes want to let me know that even though I am in Mexico, nothing has changed. Two more in grown toenails! One on each big toe! I need to call the president’s wife to see if I can see the Doc this week. One is infected a little, but we keep moving on!

I am also enjoying me decision to buy pancake mix to make pancakes every day for breakfast (ok, only three times this week :). I had to experiment a little, being without a cup measurer and with an electric stove whose lowest setting is too hot for pancakes (for the heat?) but by the third time they turned out pretty darn good :) I still miss the chocolate chip cookies and brownies from home, though :) I think I will bake a lot for the first little while when I get home :) 

But just like at home, I am spending my mornings on P day to do a little bit of house cleaning, and it feels so good to some manual labor, even with the heat and sweat dripping off my face :)

Yesterday they anounced the Changes for the Transfer, but everyone in my ward is staying the same. Which means that Elder Hernandez and I will be here to baptize Damian and his family! (if they will just come to church!) Maybe we are going to baptize two of their daughters this Saturday, but they didn’t come to church this week because they had a birthday party.... priorities priorities :) 

My Companion and I focused a lot on strengthening the ward this week. Bring members with us to visit other members, so that they feel comfortable with each other and with us. This ward is sooo small! And many are very new and lack experience, and don’t feel capable to help with missionary work. So we have been visiting them and asking what we can do to strengthen the ward. We got some good ideas. the bad thing is that we didn’t get to see a lot of investigators... Damian and his family, who are the closest to baptism, have been hard to find lately. 

I got to participate in Church a lot today. Saturday night the Bishop asked me to give a talk on covenants, so I did and took up like 20 minutes. I was able to see my flaws still in my Spanish, and is was a little unorganized, but I did ok for it being in my second language and with short notice. Before I spoke, I also got to bless the sacrament in Spanish too. after Sacrament meeting, my companion and I were also asked to teach the Gospel Principles class. The topic was Missionary work. I am not a very good teacher, by way of being up in front of a class, but my companion is thank goodness ;) 

things really are going good here, I am being the Chocolate Chip and resisting the Heat of the Oven ;) 

Thanks for all the support, and I wish you the best in prep for Girls Camp (as I know that the entire family is involved :)

Love ya lots, :) 

Elder Redford

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