Thursday, October 23, 2014

Transfers....:) - October 13, 2014

Wow, a lot of surgeries this week. It’s great to hear that they are doing well though. 

That is cool that you guys were able to see a celebrity (well, almost) in Smiths :) 

Haylee baptism is next after Emma here in December, right?

Well, this week we have transfers. I had been with my companion Elder Hernandez for 3 transfers (4.5 months) already, and was looking forward to a change. But what always happens in the Transfers is what I least expect.... we are staying the same. We will be together in the same area for 4 Transfers, or 6 months, a fourth of my mission!

Elder Cruz, our District Leader, is leaving though. I thought for sure that the two of them would leave together, but just him. I was looking forward to a change. And even more so when I have really been losing my patience with him. But that is ok. I will learn more. Maybe the Lord is teaching me that it is not so easy to just 'run away' from our problems, but that we have to figure them out first. My goal is to grow so close to my companion this Transfer that I DONT want him to leave. :) 
The beginning of the week was a little hard, but it was gotten better. 

On Tuesday we offered some service to a member family. We carried packages of floor tile from their porch to their roof... 3 floors in all. I don’t even know how many times I climbed those stairs, but it was exhausting. On the way there, my companion fell in a sewer.... there was a square hole in the sidewalk covered with like a wood pallet, and when he stepped on it, his entire leg fell in! He had to go back and shower and change before we actually were able to get over there and help :) 

After that experience, we had a pre-interview with Alejandro at 6:00, and his Interview at 7:00 with our District Leader in the Chapel. During the pre-interview, some things came up that told me that he wasn’t ready for baptism. But Elder Hernandez INSISTED he was. I felt sick while he was being interviewed for real, knowing that we hadn’t prepared him all the way yet. I was relieved that when they came out that  Elder Cruz told us that we needed to wait another week and gave us and him some assignments. So far everything is going good with him. I tried to have a serious talk with my companion that night, but instead of helping, it just put the both of us in a bad mood for a few days.... we are a lot better now though, so don’t worry :)

We then had another pre-interview with Martin on Friday, and he is ready :) I don’t know why he didn’t come to church though.... and then we also painted Michel's bedroom (a recent convert/youth). We gave a lot of service this week :)  

Things are looking up though. We have been able to find some awesome new people to teach, and I have some goals for this new Transfer. 

Oh yeah! And a sister in the Ward, Hermana Patty, wants to start a cupcake shop out of her house. She needs a little help, so I might have to teach her how to make frosting, thanks to the recipes that mom sent me :). It makes me want to cook something again, but my kitchen/ingredients are limited. Hope I can help her out and have some fun at the same time. We will see how it goes :)

We are excited for our baptisms at the end of the week! Alejandro and Martin!  The other elders have one too, so three in all. I will have to send pictures next week. It will be awesome to help this ward grow little by little. 

Hope all is well at home. I send my love, 

Elder Hayden Redford

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