Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cats, mice, and chefs - September 29, 2014

Thanks for the pic from family home evening. It is great to see everyone! 

It is great to hear that Grandma and Grandpa are doing well. Always busy :) that is great :) 

It is great that you were able to enjoy the Women's Conference :) 

I hope that ShayLynn isn't drowning with all her homework and FCCLA and ACT prep :) You can do it !!!

There are a lot of interesting things that have happened this week :) 

I organized and started teaching English classes this week, Every Wednesday at 7:30. Like Sister Flewallen (Shelby) I too am forgetting my English. It is crazy, but it is true. I will have to plan better for the class this week, and invite more people, as we only had 3, and by the end 5 who showed up. 

On Thursday we had Interviews with President Bird. I am amazed at his wisdom. When he asked me how I was, he saw some unsurety in my answer. It is that my companion struggles with remembering that he is a missionary sometimes and struggles with his obedience, and as a result, it keeps me from being exactly obedient as well.  After asking some other questions about my obedience as a missionary, president had a very serious talk with me about not 'hiding' because I didn’t want to 'tattle tale' on my companion, and then about the blessings of obedience. I had been tempted to think that it wasn’t fair that I got chewed out, when I myself am trying hard to be obedient and he isn’t, but I realized that I am Senior companion, and as President said, I should not tolerate it. It is partly my fault that he isn’t more obedient, because I have gotten tired of reminding him, and I have been tolerating it. So I am trying harder to help keep him in line too. :) It sound like Sister Flewallen is having similar troubles with her companion, and she said that her solution is to be obedient no matter what and to be more bold, following the example of Nephi.

On Friday our dear investigator Martin committed himself to be baptized. He said that he has delayed it too long and needs the change in his life. After his struggles with depression, trying to stop drinking and family problems, seeking help from us and a psychologist, she is finally strong enough to keep firm and take this step. He came to church on Sunday to fulfill his word. 

That day a kid in the street also gave us a red backpack, and told us to take it with us where we were going. We were like, What!? and find out that it was full of three kittens that he wanted to get rid of! We tried to give them away to members, but no one wanted them. The other missionaries in the ward were able to find a home for them :) 

We also found out that we had a mouse in the house. We chased it around the house one night but could find it. The rat trap that we had in the house didn't work, every morning we found that the peanut butter, then the cracker, then the piece of a hot dog were missing, but no mouse. We were able to catch it with one of those sticky mouse traps. I wanted to be humane, so I used a grocery bag and a cinderblock. :) 

And then on Saturday we had a mini mission, where all the missionaries in the stake and the youth got together in the stake center, and each companionship took as youth with them to work with us for the day. They were with us from 12 on Saturday to 4 on Sunday, and slept over. Our Companion for the day was Elias. He is 16, is studying to be a chef, and is huge! he was almost as tall as me :) All of your appointments and plans fell through that day, but we were able to visit a couple less actives, and then he was able to come to church with us.

Church was an interesting story. We had a counselor for the stake presidency come and talk, but more like reproach. he said a lot of things that the ward needed to hear, and I was totally for it, but he lacked the love that one should show forth afterwards, and he didn't do it quite with the spirit, so of course, the members, and Martin our investigator, got offended. And Ward counsel hot super-heated. Thank goodness our youths sat outside during the counsel. Our ward is so small and it is not progressing! I need to find my role in strengthening the ward to help them out. It is falling to pieces, and it is hard for me personally to invite people to participate in it.... The Gospel is true and the organization is perfect, but when there is no action in that organization, nothing happens. Sigh. 

And we are still waiting for money to arrive, as we have nothing nor food. :) 

Things are going good though, and thanks for your emails. It is so  fun to hear from you, and tell the family Hi for me! 

Elder Redford

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