Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Week!‏ - February 2, 2015

Feliz Cumpleaños a todos, Mamá y ShayLynncita! 
 That is right, both your birthdays fall in this week. I wish you some good ones and hope you do something fun or eat something super delicious! 

This week was good, but a little hard at the same time. We tried talk to lots of people in the street, because we don’t really have anyone progressing right now. It was sad we didn’t have anyone in church, so we hope to change that next week! 

The sisters in my district also got their power cut, because they got a huge bill, and didn’t have money to pay for it, having to wait until the next day we would get deposited. And being cut, they would have to go pay it in an office way out of their area, so Elder Wiess and I helped them out and made arrangements for a member to go out and get it paid (we gave him the money, of course),because they did not enjoy their two nights without power. So, we felt sort of hero-ish, saving the day and two damsels in distress :) 

My Spanish slipped the other day in a lesson. An investigator gave me the weirdest look ad reaction when I accidentally said that God tempted Eve to eat the fruit. Oops. I mixed up Dios and Diablo on accident without thinking about it. The good thing about being two gringos: They expect us to mess up, and it can sometimes be a good excuse for things; but the bad thing about that, is that sometimes they assume we don’t know Spanish, and talk to us weird. Everyone also notices us and asks us where the brown one is (or Moreno, It sounds better to say that in Spanish :).

The other day we went to buy hamburgers for dinner, just before going back to the house. It was an outside stand and grill, with a few tarps over it, because it was raining. Well, as I was standing there waiting, one of the workers hit the water off the top of the tarp with a broom, and it fell right on me! I was hoping for something free or a discount :)  Just a sincere apology though, but I just thought that the whole scene was just kind of funny :) 

The only really cool story that I have for this week (well since Thursday) is that we got invited to attend an Evangelist Christian Church. We had a person that we talked to in the street and accepted a visit from us, so we went to his house but he didn’t have time for us to teach him, but invited us to visit his church, so we accepted, thinking of a if-you-go-to-our-church, we´ll-go-to-yours kind of deal. That was Friday. We got the house where they held their church services on Sunday and 4:30, asked to see if he has there, and we learned that he was the pastor! It was quite an experience. Lots of singing, Halelujas, Glorias, and shouting, and then we went through basically a workbook, and learned about their belief of Faith. It was interesting, but I don’t have plans to attend again.

Some missionaries in the zone met someone who does screen printing, so we are going to try and get some shirts made to remember the district, with a superhero Justice League theme, each person with their own superhero (they made me Flash; but for looks, not for my agility for any means :). I hope to send a picture soon, of all of us in our shirts :) 

It is hard work being a district leader. I get to take a lot of hits sometimes. But it is ok, it is a learning experience. Tomorrow we are going to have a Zone Conference with President Bird.

Well, love you all, and talk to you next week! 

Elder Hayden Redford

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