Friday, January 30, 2015

Went to the Temple again :)‏ - January 29, 2015

Sorry that I didn’t write on Monday, It is because we went to the temple today :) It was great. 

And, since it is the only place where we can take our cameras, I took a good amount of pictures, which I will send :) There is a picture of the Temple (we got there at 5:50 in the morning while it was still dark!), my companion Elder Weiss and I, us and the sister missionaries in our ward, and then most of my Zone :) 

Well, things have been slow. Not many investigators. We are working hard though. This week we are focusing on Street contacts, and have been able to pull off about 25 or so per day. I have never talked with so many people before! We are trying really hard to find new people to teach. 

We also made a deal with the sister missionaries, who have a hard time contacting, that we would buy them Campechanas (big huge tacos full of greasy meat) if they met 100 contacts this week, and they are working hard to earn them, because they are pretty good!

I caught a very small cold at the end of last week and the beginning of this, but nothing big, really. 

A member gave us a huge bag of Oranges! I quite enjoyed them :) 

We were able to find a great investigator last night. We had a guy in a car signal to us to come over, and asked if we could visit one of his clients, because he really wanted to talk to us, and gave us his address. So we had a member come with us, and not knowing what to expect, we went to visit Jose Luis. Since the moment he opened the door, he was just super excited to learn more. Some other Missionaries had talked with him, and given him a Book of Mormon. Then he got sick, and so much that he honestly thought he was going to die, and then decided to look to God and has been slowly recovering. He is super smart though, talking about the Bible. He wanted to know more about the Book of Mormon, and just super excited about it, and had a ton of questions. We were just like, wow, hold your horses, let’s start at the beginning. So we ended up giving a brief summary of 1 Nephi, and then taught the entire Restoration lesson with him so he could understand where we were coming from. And during the part where we taught the first vision, the spirit was super strong. I tried to just bask in it as my companion quoted Joseph Smith's experience in the Grove. And he said yes to baptism, but didn’t want to set a date, because they are going to kick him out of his house this week!!!! No!!!!!!!!! I hope they have mercy on him or something, because he is Golden! He has our number, so he can communicate what happens. 

Also, it is fun to be a leader and get to know the investigators of the other missionaries in my district. One, who is staunch, is a young man of 14 who has a burning testimony of the gospel, and, who, apparently, told his parents to their faces that there religion (catholic) was wrong, and that Mormonism was right, and that he was going to be baptized, just like that. They didn’t take it too well, and for not going to school one day, they are suspending him from going to church on Sunday. No!!!!!!!! They are going to keep trying to soften his dad's heart, but it was just great to see how passionate this young man was about the gospel. I really do hope the best for him. He will be a powerful member one day! (but what a stupid punishment, Eh? going to church is supposed to teach him to be a better person!) 

I am getting the hang of the whole District Leader of a huge district thing, and Elder Weiss is a huge help. :)  

I am still waiting for my packages.... so we will see if they even get here.... darn it.

Well, I didn’t feel like I have a lot to tell, really... just working every day, talking to people, making lots of phone calls (as DL), planning training meetings, and yeah, that’s basically it. I hope to have more to say next week :) 

Thanks for everything, I love you all! 

Elder Redford

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