Friday, March 14, 2014

The Past Two Weeks‏ - March 10, 2014

Ok, I want to start by apologizing for not writing last week. We had a Zone Activity, and sacrificed our time to write to attend. Yep. We went Ice skating in Mexico and since I didn’t have time to change, in shirt and tie too. :) 

And when it rains here, it rains a lot. The street was pretty much small river last night. It added some excitement :)  

btw, I didn´t learn that Mom was the Girls Camp director until today :) Congrats! I know that you will have a lot of fun with that calling :). And your Cupcakes all look delicious :)

Yesterday was marvelous, such as is every Sunday when we attend church. Sundays are key days, because to be baptized one needs to attend church 5 times. And we can really see who is committed to the Gospel. We have one Investigator named Victorino who is a true example. He is fairly old, and has bad knees. We had figured out a ride for him to attend church the first two times, but voiced that he didn’t like have burden the members so that he could attend, and told us he would walk to church. It was a really great feeling to see him standing outside the gates of the chapel when we arrived, after being unfruitful in bringing anyone to church with us. (It was cold that day, and the weather is a really big deal here, I guess). Thankfully half way a member family picked him up and brought him the rest of the way. (I want to say that it is 4 or 5 miles from his house! ) But I was grateful to have seen a token of his faith to attend church. We have also helped various less active members attend church, which is equally gratifying. One sister was having a hard time with selling in her market, and when we saw her in church, elder Bautista and I both more or less received revelation that her market was going to be successful this week because she attended. A less active member that we trying to reactivate also bore his testimony the last Sunday, and it was neat to hear someone tell a story about the missionaries when you are the missionary in the story. 

The Last day of February I had a companion exchange with our Zone Leaders. It was my first time working in a different area. By the end of the day, I was complimented by him for my confidence. I was truly shocked, as I don´t show a lot with my quiet self. It is something that I am working on, and I guess it shows sometimes :) 

This past week we had two more Companion Exchanges with our district Leader. We have had a lot lately. 

Saturday we put on a Missionary Activity for the ward. We made a Tour of the Plan of Salvation, by decorating different rooms to represent the different stages of the Plan. The started out in the chapel, as premortal life, went through life and learned about faith, and the Elder Bautista and I taught about Repentance and baptism, and led them through a blue and an orange door to represent Baptism by water and fire. They followed the Iron Rod to the end, and then were shown the Spirit world, and then they were able to tour the three kingdoms of Glory. 
We had the privilege to guide the last group through the Celestial Kingdom, and it was really beautiful. We explained about this kingdom beforehand, unlike the others, and then let them enter. It was decorated so well that a member said he truly thought it was in the temple at first. We were able to bear our testimonies once everyone was inside, and we could really feel the Spirit. A few members brought friends with them who weren’t members, and I hope that good will come of that. It turned out really well, even though we started out 45 minutes late.... 

Sunday I was also able to teach the Gospel Principles class that we teach to Investigators on my own :). I ended a little early, but it went well. 

Due to all the business, we didn’t have very many lessons this week.... only 18. I cringed at the number when we counted for the week. But we are going to work hard this last week before this transfer is over. Chances are I am going to stay in this area, but change to a different house. I´ll know for sure next week. My hopes are high for this week :) 

All my love, 

Elder Redford

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