Monday, March 3, 2014

Wonderful Week - February 24, 2014

Well, Elder Bautista and I just finished a wonderful week ;) 

We were able to end the week with a total of 31 lessons taught! We are usually between 20-24, but we were able to work extra hard this week. We actually have been told that the Mission Leaders in Mexico want us to have 40-70 lessons each week! We still haven’t reached that goal, but we are very grateful to our Heavenly Father for the success we are having. We were able to teach 8 lessons in a single day on Friday! It was a great day that day, and it felt good. 

It’s been hard to get up on time lately, since my alarm clock broke. We regrettably have slept in a few mornings... I was also a little sick this week. My throat was a little weird, and I started losing my voice, but I think that it is all good now. 

Sounds like ward conference was pretty good yesterday. Audrey Uhl for Romania. Wow! Ah, yes, I can see President Bell giving said advice. I miss him a little too :) 

I am glad that you were able to visit with Mary this week. I have thought of her too, and kept her and Glen in my prayers. I hope that they can again find the joy in this Gospel. We have been visiting a lot of less active members, as there are a lot in the ward, and sometimes it is just really sad. They have testimonies and agree with all the doctrine, but they won’t come to church or live it. I hope that we can continue to help them, and that they can realize how real and important out covenants and blessings are. 

Megan! It makes me sad to hear that you miss me so much. Mom is right, we have had a lot of fun together, and we will still have fun when I get back. Remember to keep up the good work in School and reading the scriptures. If you ever fell alone, you can always pray to Heavenly Father and he will help you. 

My English is apparently a big asset here :) I have taught the last to English Classes this week, a service project that the Missionaries here are doing, and also helping out a few members in the ward who are trying to learn English.

On Tuesday we had an ugly experience. We visited a man named Felipe, whom we had visited a few times before, who is full of doubts and questions. We decided that for this visit we would read part of the book of Mormon together, but when we arrived, he hadn't read anything, and whatever we tried to teach he would try to prove it false. He ended up blatantly denying the Book of Mormon, saying 'I cannot believe', 'nor can a pray to a being that I do not believe in'. It was really sad, and we have decided that we will not be able to teach him anymore. I hope that in his own time, the Lord will make it possible for him to really understand the truth. 

We have been able to find a wonderful investigator named Victorino, total opposite of Felipe, who was realized that he knows nothing of God, but has great desires to learn. We were able to attend church yesterday :) 

We have also been teaching Socorro, the mother of Guera, whom we baptized the 25th of January :)  

And we were able to teach Jose Luis! After a long many failed attempts to find him and a long time, we were able to teach him about Joseph Smith. After I ended the account of Joseph Smith seeing the Pillar of light, he completely opened up to us. He said that he too, had been searching for happiness all his life, and had not been able to find it. He said he had even been to the United States, and wasn’t able to find it there either. What he really wants is a family. He has had many marriages, but his wives had all left him. We promised him that night that we were the answer to his search, and that we could show him the way to happiness. We plan on seeing him tonight, and I pray that we can help him in the way he needs it. 

I love you all so much!!!!!! 


Elder Redford

P.S. It is slightly random, but could you maybe send me some recipes? :) I have told some people that I liked to bake, and a member has offered me her kitchen to make something :) Maybe a recipe for chocolate chip cookies, no-bakes, brownies, things like that, and anything else that's simple to make :) 

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