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General Conference was great, wasn’t it?‏ - April 7, 2014

Thankfully, I was able to see conference in English :) On Saturday, we gathered together as a group of ´gringos´ (Americans) to watch the session in the stake center. It was a lot of fun to see it is English and be with a group of Missionaries who are super excited for it. I feel like those who watch conference in another language end up losing elements that we enjoy in English, like the words not matching the lips, the songs that the choir sings are in English still, and just merely hearing the unique voices of the speakers (especially Elder Holland). We are blessed! 

I really liked Elder Quentin L Cooks talk about temples and family History Work, because he mentioned and used the exact phrase ´Information Technology´, the major that I was considering to study. He said that we as the rising generation need to use this technology to bring about the Spirit of Elijah. As for now, I feel that is the way I need to  go. I wasn´t even worried about that question during the conference, but I received an answer. I am going to study Information Technology. I hope it will come in useful in the Millennium too, when we are doing all that temple work :) 

I was also a fan of Elder Uchtdorf´s talk on Gratitude in our circumstances, and President Monson´s words on showing and Expressing Love for everyone, or family, and God. Those are things that I want to put in practice. 

I kind of internally snickered when Elder Bednar talked about the husband wanting to buy the 4 wheel drive truck. I thought ´Hey, that reminds me of Mom and Dad´ :) I also thought of Grandpa Fillingim during L Tom Perry´s talk, when he used the example of the Horses. 

Yep, this was a good week. Victorino and Sofia Benavides, a young woman from a used to be less active family, are both preparing for baptism this Saturday! If nothing changes I will have two pretty great Birthday presents! 

The members that we are going to eat with on Wednesday, my birthday, told me that they are going to make carne asada and a chocolate cake. It should be good!  

Sadly, Karla did not attend this Sunday, and her baptismal date fell.. She is not showing a lot of commitment in attending church.. we are going to have to keep working with her. Elder Bautista is a little sad, because he was hoping to be able to baptize her before he left, but now that her date fell through, he will probably leave before she is ready with her 5 Sundays. No one actually knows if they will stay or leave each transfer, but he will have been here for 9 months, so we are pretty certain he will be leaving the area.

This week I was convinced that it had lost my charger for my shaver. I forgot to pack it when we changed houses. The sister Missionaries that live in our old house told me they would bring it to me, but it was the wrong one, and claimed that they couldn’t find another one. I was trying to figure out what to do all week. Then one day they handed it to me and told me that it had fallen behind the fridge. I was super relieved! It was an answer to a prayer. 

Also, to get around from place to place we use taxis. Last Monday we took a taxi to get to a member's house to eat, and the taxi driver was very distraught, spouting all his problems in life, and the problems with his brother and wife and everything. He drove super slow, and talked the entire time. I only had time at the very end, to invite him to accept a visit from the missionaries. It was an interesting experience. As I was paying the driver, my camera fell, and I thought Elder Bautista pick it up. As we were walking away from the taxi  I asked for it, but he claimed not to have had it. After letting meet feel terrible for a few minutes, he finally gave it to me. I thought that it had been left in the taxi, never to be seen again! A few days later, I heard someone shout ¡hey GRINGO! At first I wanted to ignore it, but then turned around and saw the same taxi drive. ´you never came´ he said. The problem is that he doesn’t live in our area, so we had to explain to him that other Elders would come to visit him soon. As soon as we left, we took out the cell phone so that we could pass on his address to the other Elders, because we still hadn’t. He was expecting our visit though, and I think it helped me to understand that I shouldn’t judge who or who will not actually want us to visit, and that we should pass on our references for other Missionaries faster! Still don´t know what has happened since. 

Also this week I went on splits with the district leader, Elder Erekson. We were working in his area for the day. We were teaching a lesson, but it wasn’t going well. The Investigator wasn’t understanding our message. I was praying that something could change so that she could understand the importance of our message, when suddenly a Sister from the ward showed up to invite her to activity (they are friends). While there with us, she bore her testimony to the Investigator, and helped her understand how important the Gospel was. At the end of the lesson we asked her who else she knew that we could visit, and she responded saying that she didn´t know very many people, but everyone that she did know was from this church! I hope all goes well with this investigator for them. It was a neat experience too :) 

We also came across a n X-Member of the church who now worships the Santa Muerte (Death Saint, or worships Death more or less). That was ugly. Not because anything bad happened in lesson, he accepted us very well, but because I saw how far one can stray, what was apostasy... but onto a more happy note!  We are rejoicing in our Investigators who are so close to baptism! It is really is wonderful. We hope to continue working so that we can find others who are ready for the Gospel in their lives. I am feeling great, and learning every day!  

Remember that I am always praying for you. 

I send my Love , 

Elder Redford

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