Friday, April 25, 2014

Birthday, and Baptism - April 14, 2014

 When we ate with the members on my Birthday they bought me a chocolate cake for my birthday! 
I can no longer say I am a 18 year-old missionary.... :P

 Birthday pineapple from my Zone. They sang me a birthday song with a Ukulele, and have me a pineapple dressed in a grass skirt. The word for Pineapple is Spanish is Piña, which is another word that they use to say girl, as in a girlfriend. Therefore, the sang about my ´Mexican Pineapple´ or my ´Piña Mexicana´. It was clever.

Sofia and Isaac, and their parents, my companion and I, and Bro Duque and his son Javier who baptized them (Bro Duque: Isaac, and Javier: Sofia) 

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