Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hello Again! - May 12, 2014

It was great to be able to talk to you all yesterday! It is great to hear that everything is going well at home, that everyone is happy and well. I hope you said hi to everyone for me! 

And thank you Haylee for the songs! and I am glad to hear that you and Megan are excited for Summer! 

We have been able to keep teaching Beatriz (Bety) and her son Valente, and now her Husband is warming up to us too. The first time that he really participated in a lesson he was asking us a lot of questions about the book of Mormon }, so we felt really on edge at first, but by the end we were able to gain his respect. But like I said yesterday, I was really sad that they didn't come to church yesterday. It turns out, (because we went to see Victorino and then Bety after the phone calls) that her oldest son, who is married with kids, showed up without notice at their house for lunch. They said that they got up, showered, and were getting dressed and ready to leave, when they showed up. They were so close to coming, including her husband and younger son too! They said that they thought about coming after they left, but were afraid that they wouldn't be let in if they arrived late. Oh well. She says she will come this week and talk to her son, and tell him to call her next time so they could plan better. They really are an awesome family. They treated us to a slice of cake when we went last night too. That family is sooo good! 

We have not been able to find Karla since Elder Bautista left... every time we stop by her house, her daughters answer and say that she is sleeping. What are the chances that the three times we have stopped by she was asleep? not sure what’s up. The youth (Danis) that accompanied us that day laughed at me when I blurted out ''¡¿todavia esta dormida!?'' (She is STILL sleeping?) 

On Wednesday we had a little adventure. We live in Dos Rios, which means Two Rivers, which means that there is a river in our area. My companion didn't want to walk all the way across the bridge, which includes a little backtracking, so he decided that we would cross the river. The river is quite sad, there is hardly any water in it, but we found that it was deeper than we thought. We kept walking and walking down the river looking for a place to cross, but never found it, and eventually found ourselves in a place where we couldn’t go back. So we found a waterline that went across the river, and crossed that. It was quite the excursion. We ended up taking even longer and getting super dirty and sweaty, wasn’t worth it :) 

As two Gringos, or Americans, we get a lot of people who randomly come up to us and want to practice their English. And some of them know quite a lot. They could care less about us sharing a message, but give us their names and numbers just so that we can stop by and practice English with them. The problem with having such a small area is that all of these people who want us to visit them don’t live in our area. It is soo tiny! 

Yep, and then on Saturday when we visited Lupita, an old grandma, at the end of the lesson, or more like chat, since she is so talkative, she took my hand in hers when I went to shake her hand, and then asked Elder Harper when we could get married. Yep, a marriage proposal on my mission :) No, I know that she is just joking, but I guess my ''cute smiling face'' as ShayLynn calls it has that effect sometimes ;)

Saturday night the ward had an activity for Mother’s day. It was actually kind of sad.. just tables set up in the chapel with boring music playing, and hardly anyone talking... but they did ask each group (Elders, Young Woman’s, Young Men’s, etc.) to prepare a presentation of sorts. We got there, were handed the music for ''Army of Helaman'' in Spanish and a Poem of sorts from the sister missionaries, and told that we would be singing and reading this Poem. And we were the first ones to present. The Poem was really good it was a conversation between an angel and God as he was forming Woman, talking about how many things he was putting into her. By the end, God, (which is the part I was reading) said to the angel (my companion) that Woman only has one defect..... which is that she forgets how much she is worth. 
It was a great poem, but we didn’t deliver it very well... the microphone kept cutting off, and there was confusion where we should switch off with the parts, and I read a line twice. But I hope that the message got through :) 

And then Sunday I got to talk to all of you! It was super fun, thanks so much for making it great. It felt great to hear you say that you felt blessed for having me out here in a mission. I know that God is looking over us, and I am always praying for all of you too. 

I love you all! 

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