Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hola - May 5, 2014

I was really worried about Transfers (I think I might have called them Exchanges on accident last time, I couldn't remember the word in English!) But it turned out to be super awesome. My new companion speaks English. And he's from Lehi, Utah! We almost could have known each other before the mission! Anyway, we have a lot in common and a lot to talk about. It is so weird that after four and a half months of pure Spanish, I am now chatting with my companion in English all day long! He has about 10 months in the mission, and his name is Elder Harper. He is also into four wheeling and hunting and all that. I guess I have a few stories about that too :) He's been a little sick though, which was sad, since it was his birthday on Saturday! 

And even though he was sick, he still got to enjoy his Birthday. We ate some super awesome Tortas with the members, and afterwards they took is to an Ice Cream Shop, and we got banana splits! We don’t get to eat a lot of ice cream here, so it was really good. We got some sodas from an investigator, candy bar from another, then we also stopped by a member's house to use the bathroom, and we were able to try her specialty made Papas asadas (baked potatoes :). We also ran to the store quick before we had to be home for the night and bought a cake. Well, we thought it was a cake. It turned out to be flan, which is like a Jello that tastes like pudding... sorta. It wasn't very good, but it substituted for a birthday cake! 

We really are working hard; being in the area with a new companion has really helped me to take even more initiative and make more decisions. I feel like a real missionary now, now that I am finished being trained and my trainer has left. It was actually really sad to say goodbye to him. 

We didn't have as many lessons as we could have this week because we were visiting a lot of the members so they could get to know us and so we could work with them. We have continued success with Beatriz. Her husband isn't so interested, but she and her son Valente are intently taking the missionary lessons. They are such good investigators. We invited a member, Hna Duque to come with us in one of the lessons, and I feel it turned out really well.

 After one of our lessons with her, Beatriz gave us a protein bar of sorts from Herbal Life. While thinking of a member that could help befriend her, I looked at the bar, and remembered that Hna Duque sold Herbal Life Products. And it clicked. Revelation through a protein bar! 

We haven’t been able to see Karla and Fatima all week, and she didn't come to church either... we'll keep trying. 

And Holy Cow! another phone call home? 6 Months in the mission tomorrow? The time has gone by so fast. Just two more phone calls left on my mission.

I am super excited to talk to you all. I'll be trying to call, well, Skype in at about 6, but I am not super sure how punctual the call will be. Thanks for the reminder about the account. It will definitely go much smoother this time. I am excited to talk to you and see you!

And Megan! I started crying when you talked on the phone. Sorry about that. I don’t know if you understood what I was saying. But I love you too! and Holy Cow, school is almost out! that is crazy! Keep up the good work, Tiger. 

I love you too, Haylee! It felt so good to hear you say 'Love you' on the phone. Sorry that I couldn't talk very much. But I will talk to you more on Sunday! You are a super cute little sister!

I send my love, 

Elder Redford

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