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Painting Houses - June 2, 2014

Ha Ha I am glad that the trip to Goblin Valley turned out ok even
after the car trouble :) I am excited to go with you guys when I get
back. :) And way to go with bearing your testimonies Megan and Haylee!
I didn’t have time to bear mine on Sunday, but I am glad that you guys
were able to :)

This week was really busy, and we didn’t have as much time as we
normally do during the week for proselyting.

Monday (P day) my companion got a virus on his memory cards trying to
send pictures. He is right now trying to fix it. I also sort of had
something happen... it just looks like the pictures that I send home to
you last week can’t be opened on my camera anymore. I am going to be
more careful with where I plug in my memory card :) Then Elder Harper
went and bought new pants, and realized that one of them had a broken
zipper. He was kinda frustrated that day. Then to add to it, we
couldn’t find anyone to teach that night either! (P day ends at 6:00).

Tuesday we had an open house of the chapel, where we showed people
the church building and talked about the sacrament and baptism. We had
a little bit of success there, but then only one lesson that day.

Then on Wednesday We went and painted Hermana Guera`s house as a zone
activity. She is my first convert (Baptized 25 January, 2013). It was
supposed to last until 2:00, but we were there until 6:00, and still
didn’t finish! Everyone left at 4:00, but we stayed to clean up, and
then it started raining, so we helped her put everything back in her
house, as she took it out to paint. The Hermana actually ended up
making food for all 18 missionaries that were there helping her paint!
I painted about half a room and most of the ceiling using a roller and
a brush in that time, but by the end I was pretty tired. And Danis
came with us to help us out, on his birthday, but ended up sitting
down the whole time because he felt sick! poor guy... we took him home
afterwards and gave him a blessing.

As he turned 16, he was also going to be ordained a priest that night.
The bishop was going to come over and do it in his home. He really
wanted us to be there, but we chose to try and get some lessons in
instead. the sad part is that we had zero success, so we totally could
have gone and supported Danis. He really wanted us to be there, and we
totally could have been. :(

Thursday was better. be had weekly planning all morning, but were able
to have two lessons! One of them was with Victorino. He is doing so good. Hasn’t missed a Sunday yet, is now a Priest, and is doing a little bit of missionary work! This week he left to go to a funeral back from where his is
from, because his cousin passed away. He said that his brothers and
sisters gave him a ride there, and on that ride, he told them about his
baptism and going to church. He said that they couldn’t believe that he
was going to church, and asked him some questions, and he said he
answered as best as he could according to what we had taught him. It
was a spiritual experience to me to see how far he has come. I knew
him as just another guy on the street who hardly knew about God, and
now he is a Priest in the True Church of Christ and is sharing the
gospel! It made me so proud of him. I have really come to love him :)
That day we also found a new investigator, Javier, whom we taught in
his sandwich shop. He was a ton of questions, and was glad that he met
us so that we could answer them. We ended that day helping out
teaching English in a weekly ward activity they are doing.

Then on Friday we had a Zone Conference with President Bird from 8:30
to 4:00, which was good, and then we went and was Bety and Valente

Saturday we tried to paint another member’s house :), but they
weren’t ready, so we went and painted some more with Hermana Guera until
lunch. It’s still not quite finished yet, but close. I am always paining
the ceilings ;)After lunch we took a deacon, Benjamin, with us
to see Lupita. She answered the door all flustered, and ended up
offending Benjamin within the first 20 seconds, because she thought he
was making fun of her, and started lecturing about respecting your
elders. We tried to calm her down, but told us she didn’t want us to
visit her. Thanks to the persistence of Elder Harper though, she let
us in. We were able to repair the damage between her and Benjamin, and
maybe a little too well, because he kept talking during the lesson
with her and changing the subject. So we would have to answer
questions that that brought up, and continue on the lesson. It
took forever to get through it, and we were there for an hour and a
half! At least Benjamin felt good and enjoyed going with the
missionaries for his first time.

That night we went and visited an American guy from Texas who speaks
English that we found out lives in our area. His name his Charles, and
he is... interesting. He calls himself an old testament guy, and has
studied a ton of religion. He is always talking about spirits, and
being a spiritual warrior, and light and darkness and stuff like that.
He knows a lot of stuff about the church, but it is a little twisted.
we will see if we can help him out.

On Sunday not only did Bety and Valente go to church, but they gave us
a ride! and not only gave us a ride, but tried to help us out by going
to pick up Lupita to give her a ride! They are so awesome. Lupita
didn’t answer her door there, but there are so will to help abd go to
church, they are almost like members. and this Sunday they were able
to stay for all three hours, which was awesome! The last hour was a
little boring for Valente though, in Elders Quorum. About building
unity in the Quorum and doing Home teaching :) They had good things to
say about it when we visited them after church. SO, even though we
haven’t had quantity this week, we have had quality. I love Bety and
Valente so much!

But yep. That was my week. super busy, but with only 8 lessons the
entire week. We hope things will be more calm this week, and that we
can have more success.

And I finally got my birthday package, 2 months after you sent it!
Thanks for the cards, they were super fun to read! Some of your 19
Points were quite interesting :)

I love you all so much!

talk more next week

Elder Redford

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