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Transfers Again - June 9, 2014

That is crazy that Ethan is already back! I am glad that Preston is working on going on a mission too. 
I hope that Megan has fun at Camp Big Springs! I had a lot of fun when I went.
And that is terrible news about McKenna's Mom! I hope that things work out there.... a lot of prayers will be needed.

In comparison with last week, this week felt so great! We had hardly any success the week before, but this one was great. 

We even started off good, and in the three hours we have to work on P-days, we got in two lessons and a new investigator! On P-day, we went with Danis to a little strip mall to explore for an hour near our area. The most exciting thing there is a movie theater, which we can’t go in :) The rest are like appliance stores and really expensive clothes and a bank, so we got bored pretty quickie, but stopped by an ice cream shop for some ice cream, so that was good at least :) Danis really wanted to go with is to a mall, called Sun Mall, but we didn’t get permission, but our attempt was pathetic in comparison :) 

On Tuesday we went on Splits with the Zone Leaders. I stayed here in Dos Rios and Elder Quevedo was my companion for a day. He is super intense! We were able to have a super successful day, and it showed me that there is indeed a lot of potential in this area. We had 24 contacts in the street that day, which is a lot, and 5 lessons. Pretty good after a depressing week :) And in our meeting with the ward mission leader, we found out that Hermana Gurra´s name is Erendida, not Erendira, which is the name she was baptized with and that is on her record! I think it’s all good though, we just have to change in on the records. 

When we got back together with my companion, the zone leaders gave us some tips, one of which was that I needed to make sure that Elder Harper is checking is blood pressure often, was he has problems with that, apparently. This caused a lot of lost time. We went to get it checked, and they told him it was completely normal, 120/80, but Elder Harper didn’t believe him, so we went and got it checked somewhere else, and they told him it was super high, and suggested a prescription he should take. The entire morning was gobbled up with checking his pressure and call Hna Bird to see what he should do about it. 

That day we also visited a less active family (familia Alanis), and they ended up being super worried about my freckles. Apparently they are undesirable here. They gave me some red oil stuff from a seed that they said would help get rid of them... Idk, I kind of like them myself :)

That night we also looked up some ancient investigators, and found a couple who seem pretty interested. She, Antonia, ended up even more so when we were able to help with her son´s English homework :) She ended up coming to the English classes that the ward teaches and to church on Sunday. success! 

That next day we got up early to go to the offices so that Elder Harper could get some blood tests, but I totally ruined it or him, as I suggested that he should eat something, and then we got there and told him he needed a 10 hour fast! oops... so we came back the next day when we knew and they did the blood tests just fine. Elder Harper was anxiously waiting for the results all week. Apparently, everything is fine, so it is a mystery why his blood pressure is so high....  it was really funny though,  because when we mentioned this to Bety, she was very concerned, and brought out her very own machine to check blood pressure so that Elder Harped could use it, and was trying to give him tips. They really do love us, and are super awesome! She even randomly called us the next just to check up on him and how he was doing! 

Friday was cool, because we had a less active youth accompany us for a good part of the day, named Etson. He and his family hadn’t been to church for a while, but he was super willing to come with us. I felt bad, because we had three appointments fall through (urg!). Every Monday and Saturday they put up a huge market here, down almost an entire street, and there is a member who sells cloths in one of the booths (Hermana Matamorros). While we were over there, we went to go say hi, and we ended up giving away a tie to Etson for free, and told us that we could each get one for 10 pesos each, which is like less than a buck. So, a least he got a tie out of the deal, I thought. Then we were finally able to find someone to teach, Javier. We taught him in his little sandwich shop. He has so many ideas and questions, that it went on for over an hour, and we only taught the first part of the first lesson! Etson was a sport though and really helped us in the lesson, and them even offered to come and help Javier out with his shop sometime. It turned out to be awesome, and Etson came to church on Sunday, too! 

Sunday was awesome, with five of our investigators in Sacrament meeting! Bety and Valente even came and picked us up to give us a ride, and passed by to pick up Lupita for us. We had to go in and help her take her pills before she would go though, as in take them out of the packages and organize them. It was super weird, and it was a ton of pills that she takes! But she finally got to church for the first time! And then a little late, Antonia showed up, who walked all the way there! So were were super happy to have so many investigators show up. 

And, on Sunday, I got to speak in church! I talked about why it is that the gospel makes us happy. I read the scripture in DC128:23 that mom shared with me about the earth rejoicing at the restoration, and then taught 4 points: 1. That the gospel helps us to be clean from sin and feel pure, and used Alma the younger as an example. (There was a word in that scripture that I couldn’t pronounce though!  should have practiced it better :) 2. That because of the restored gospel, we know the Truth, and shared John 8;23. 3. That the gospel gives us hope, and used Moroni as an example, who was the very last nephite, and who wrote the best chapter we have about having Hope in Christ, and also about Job, what had everything taken away from him but remained true to God, because of the Hope he had in Christ and the resurrection (end of Job 19). I taught that even though this life is hard, we always have hope in a better future through Jesus Christ. and 4. I talked about how he can share this gospel with others, and shared DC 18:10-15. 
I even got to sing in the choir that day too, without notice. So I got to participate a lot this Sunday :)

After church I went to go visit Guerra , and I tried Menudo for the first time! Cow Stomach! I was able to eat it without getting sick at all, but I didn’t like it. It was way to chewy and fatty:) She also gave us some Chile Rellenos, which were soo good! Then we went with the members who were supposed to feed us, and ate even more, hamburgers and spagetti! We stayed and chatted with them way too long, and then went to an appointment. We hadn’t even taught them yet, but they were super friendly and right off the bat offered us some Enchiladas! They were really good but, but we were super full, but shoved them down somehow, not wanting to offend their hospitality. We then shore with them the first lesson, but we both forgot to bring a Book of Mormon so we will have to get them one next time. 

So yeah, I returned back to our house felling really good about the new family that we found and about our successful week, ready to keep working hard with Elder Harper, when we got the phone fall for Transfers. Completely contrary to what I thought would happen, I AM LEAVING! am leaving my first area, and getting a new companion and everything. I can’t decide if I feel sad or calm. It’s like I am leaving home all over again! It will be sad leaving everyone I have gotten to know so well, and start somewhere else. I am sad that I will be leaving Victorino and won’t be here to help Bety and Valente get baptized! I hope that Elder Harper and his new companion can keep teaching them and that I can at least come back for their baptism.... It will be super sad saying goodbye to them. They love us so much! Elder Harper is worried too because I know they are super well and he doesn’t, and I never really helped him learn it very well..... I know he can do it though :) 
And I just need to have faith that I need to be where I am going to go. 

I will miss Victorino , Bety, Valente, and Danis sooo much! I have really grown to love them... But we will see who else I can help out in my new area :) 

I will know all about it tomorrow, so I will update you next Monday on where I am and who I’m with!

I love you all so much! I am glad that you are all doing well back at home, getting ready for girls camp and Texas and enjoying Camp Big Springs!


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