Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Sprained Ankle and a Baptism!‏ - June 23, 2014

I am so glad that Dad is ok! I too got concerned when I first read that... it’s just like President and Sister Bird say: drink lots of water! 

I am glad that you were able to enjoy the reunion, sounds like everyone was able to enjoy themselves. And I have a sneaking suspicion that you sent me that photo just because it has the banner you made of my peepuls in the back :) I was excited to see that ;) 

This week has been slow, yes, with my companion’s foot. We had been working very slowly this week, and fighting Sister Bird to let us take an X-ray... we did, and it turned out that there is nothing wrong with the bone, which is good (but all the calls and efforts and money spent to get the X ray made me feel bad, as it was unnecessary). It is just a really bad sprain, and the entire foot was swollen and bruised, and my companion is really worried that it will have future consequences when he gets old, so he was super concerned about it. The Doctor gave him an injection and pills for the swelling, and told us to rest for the next 4 days, and gave us another injection to take home with us (apparently that is normal here, to go buy shots at the pharmacy and give them to yourself, I guess... We are going to see a member who is a Doctor about that today). I called Sister Bird and she told us that the days to rest weren’t necessary, that we just needed to take it slow, and that President would call him to encourage him to keep working and remind him of the blessings. That night we taught a progressing family about Enduring to the End, during the Gospel of Jesus Christ lesson, and Elder Hernandez gave his testimony that he would Endure better despite his foot (as we really hadn’t been working much). And bore testimony of the importance of the work and that he would keep going. It was more for himself than for the investigators. 

I got back to the house feeling proud of him for wanting to push through it and trust in Sis and Pres Bird. Then we got the phone call from President, that surprised me. President himself told us that we were not to go out to work, that Doc Ortiz was set apart as the Mission Doctor, that we needed to follow his directions, and he said that he too hurt his ankle and didn’t take care of it, so it his hurting him now, and told my companion to keep form working for a few days, even though Elder Hernandez told him that he wanted to keep working. This Phone call helped me to see the love and concern that President really has for us. 

Not going out to work has made this week really slow though... I have passed hours and hours writing in my journal, catching up, since I did not write once last Transfer when I was with Elder that is a blessing, in a way, to have time for that.

One of the best things in the world : wet baptismal clothes!

The thing that broke up the monotony was the baptism of Betty and Valente! We took an hour long bus ride to get back to by first area. I felt like I was home again. Elder Harper and I got dressed in our white pants and ties, we took photos (which I won’t be able to send today... sorry :( ), and then proceeded with the baptismal service. I baptized first the Hermana Beatriz, who had fear of water, so I tried extra hard to explain what was going to happen to help her out. I find that a sign of trust that she wanted me to baptize her even when she had this fear. Right after I baptized her, I could feel the spirit super strong; I was so happy. Next her son Valente came down the steps and I baptized him too. Then Elder Harper baptized Valente, her husband. It was so great. Elder Harper and I hugged each other afterwards and yelled ''we did it!', the two of us in our wet baptismal clothes. Afterwards while they were changing, he told how much it meant to them that I was there. They gave me a few photos to remember them by, and Elder Harper and I gave them a Triple, that we had both signed and wrote our testimonies in. It was really great to see them one last time. I now feel like my duty to my old area is fulfilled, and that I can now sleep easy and focus on the work in my new area, when we can actually get out and work :) 

On Sunday I got to give a talk, and just basically gave the same one I gave last time in the other ward, about how the Gospel makes us happy. The microphone didn't work too well though, and I was told it was hard to hear me... oops. Yesterday, after writing for three hours straight, I finally got caught up in my journal! I have repented from procrastinating my journal writing. 

I am learning a lot being the Senior companion, and I am super excited for when we can go out and work again. I just get these desires to go out and teach and talk to people, rather than being cooped up in the house all day. I look forward to working again, and feeling that spirit again.  

Glad that things are good at home and that girls camp is coming along. 

Thanks so much for the email and pictures!

Love Elder Hayden Redford

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