Thursday, November 6, 2014

News from Monterrey! - October 27, 2014

It is great that the camping trip turned out well, that you found our spot, and that you were almost bug free :) And it is good to hear that you didn’t have any problems with flat tires either. I loved to see the pictures :)

I hope that Haylee was able to have a blast on her mini 4 wheeler (has she named it). I love you Haylee! 

And it made me laugh to hear that Megan wanted to try out Dad's Big Guns. Mom's right, have to keep an eye on her ;)

That is great that Milo's work is all done. I hope that it is of relief to Mary. 

That is awesome that Amanda is putting in her papers for a mission!

This has been a good and bad week :) 

Let’s start off with the good. The first part of the week was pretty normal.
Usually I email home telling about cutting down trees for service projects; well this week we planted one :) we helped Karla, a member, dig a hole and plant a tree in front of her house :) it was pretty tough actually got a couple blisters :) 

On Friday I went on splits with the other missionaries in my District, and it turned out great. I went to work in their area for a day, and I was able to meet a few awesome investigators see how good they are at contacting (talking with people in the street). That day we didn’t have anyone to eat with, so we went and bought a Little Caesar’s Pizza (yep, they are here in Mexico too!), a pizza for each one of us. I was so hungry I ate the entire pizza! They turned out great, and I even helped Elder Aguilar Clean and fill up the font for their baptism! 
On Saturday the other Elders had a baptism. Jorge, who was my first experience interviewing an investigator that I mentioned before, got baptized this Saturday! We went to help out, and again, there was very little attendance of ward members... but it turned out well! Sorry I don’t have pictures... 

Saturday was a good day, because we ate Chinese Food and had the baptism, but also a bad day, because we received some bad news. Remember the baptism we had, with the three sisters. Who got baptized and moved away? Well, he found out that their dad passed away on Saturday. We were teaching him along with his wife and daughters, but because he hadn’t attended enough times, we weren’t able to baptize him. It was sad news because we knew him really well. My companion was super sad because of it. 

On Sunday Morning his family came back to our area because they have relatives living here, and we found them and talked with them a good while. The mom was super sad, and, crying, kept saying she didn’t understand why this had happened. He was in the hospital a good while, but was getting better, and the day before they talked with him and were making plans to take him home. Then suddenly, he passed away. It was unexpected. We had already basically taught her all the missionary lessons, but had lost contact with the missionaries in their new home. We helped her remember the plan of salvation, and taught her about the Temple where she could be sealed with Damian and be an eternal family, and that they could see each other again. But first that she needs to get baptized :) so we told her to get in touch with the bishop who could help them work with the Missionaries.

It might sound weird, but through this experience I have been able to see better God's Wisdom. The Wife, Belen, told us that while we was in the hospital, Damian was reading the Book of Mormon and was really thinking about going back to church and getting baptized. But then he passed away. What I can see, is that maybe God's plan for this family is that Damian, the dad, will be able to accept the gospel in the Spirit World, and that his wife can accept the gospel so that she can do his work and be sealed with him in the temple. It is a little weird, but that is how I see it. When things like this happen, I find myself feeling/realizing how close the Spirit World is to us and how real the Plan is. I hope that Belen can feel that way too, and grow closer to God instead of distance herself. This whole experience has tested our own testimonies of the Plan of Salvation, but like it says in the Book of Mormon, 'The Sting of Death' is 'swallowed up' in the Atonement of Jesus Christ and in a testimony of the Plan of Salvation. We are feeling a lot better now :)

We ended up getting to church late for talking with this family, and we missed Martin's Confirmation. I was really happy to see that the ward did such a good job fellowshipping him afterwards, though. He is now like one of their own :) 

Just so that you know, I took out about $40 from my card. There is a problem with the gas bill that I need to resolve... I will get reimbursed for part of it, thankfully.... 

Also to mix things up we remodeled ( or moved around the furniture :) our house, for something new :) 

And just a heads up, I won’t be able to write next Monday. Our P Day is going to be changed to Thursday, as we are going to the temple Nov 6. I will write you then. ( In like.. 10 days?)

And HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I hope your costumes turn out great and you eat lots of candy :)  Send me pictures! 

Love ya! 

Elder Hayden Redford

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