Friday, November 21, 2014

Rain, District Leader Training - November 10, 2014

Sounds like a great talk from Pres. Bell. He sent me an email with the talk attached, I will have to read it. That is a pretty awesome experience! In the email he said it was in Japan :) 

Congrats to Amanda! I hope she enjoyed. That is great that she had so much support from the family and friends! I bet it made the experience that much better. It made it better for me :)  

Thanks Haylee for your persistence in wanting to go to Chuck a Rama. I hope the food was really good! I am glad that you were able to go. I have good memories in Chuck a Rama, especially the Temple trips with Grandpa and Grandma Fillingim. 

Nancy is back? I feel bad, I think I only wrote her once on her mission... oops :)

That is great that you have been able to see Kent and Erika, and also Thomas. I hope he is doing well. Grandma tells me he is smart, but sometimes has a hard time applying himself. I hope he can pull through!

Ok. Let’s see what has happened since Thursday :) 

Well, it rained for two days straight, Thursday and Friday. It made it a little hard to work, no one wanted to talk to us in the rain. I ended up buying an umbrella. Thankfully it is sunny again :) 
Oh, yeah, and my companion Elder Hernandez bought a guitar... he was been playing it whenever we are in the house :) He had a band before leaving on the mission, and he missed playing. For Ward activities he chased all around the ward looking for a guitar that worked, and now he won’t need to :) 

On Saturday morning I had a training meeting for District Leaders with President Bird. I am very thankful for it. I was able to receive a lot of answers to my fast this month, which was to be a better leader. I learned a LOT. 

On Sunday we had a depressing turnout at church, by way of investigators and recent converts. Our investigator David came, a least! We are still waiting for Jorge, with whom I had my first baptismal interview, to come to church again after his baptism. He still hasn’t been confirmed! 

Then yesterday we had some strange experiences.... we basically walked into 2 fights. Well, ok, arguments. And not like fist fights, one was just an argument between a member and non-member over a grandchild that moved away, for example. And then an interesting young man contacted us in the street, and it just felt like one strange experience after another. But don’t worry. My well-being was not put in danger :) 

Then today I deep cleaned the house, including the bathroom (what fun!) but it feels a lot better now. We also just finished a quick service project with a member and the hope is that we are going to go play a little soccer before P day ends :) 

And a tip from President Bird:
 As a reminder to US Missionaries, remember your parents when they send packages for Christmas, that they should use US Priority Mail and the boxes they provide. It is the fastest and cheapest and safest way your packages will be able to arrive. 

Love you, and hope that you are all doing great! 

Love you all! 

Elder Hayden Redford

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