Monday, November 24, 2014

Elder Hernandez‏ - November 24, 2014

Ay, ShayLynn! That doesn’t sound fun at all, sick for 3 days.... I’m sorry :( 

That is so weird! Luke is already married! Sounds like the wedding and reception turned out amazingly, I am happy for him. I want some homemade doughnuts now :) 

Yes, we were able to have a really great lesson with Lisle on Tuesday. She explained to us what she felt and thought of the experience when she was sober, and she felt the Holy Ghost super strong. For that reason she is very interest to hear what we have to say. It has been hard to find her again though. to me it looks she lives outside of our area, but comes to visit her in-laws here (we taught her in a relative’s house) so we will need to find out where she lives to get her in touch with the other missionaries. (And I was wrong, the drunk man I was talking with is her husband, and the other guy who I  thought was her husband was just a relative of hers :) They are much better people when they are sober. 

We were going to have a Family home evening with Martin in a member's house, the Ibarras, but Marin wasn’t home, so we just taught them instead. They are on older couple that live alone. We were able to have a spiritual lesson on the Atonement, using the blender activity. Afterwards they served us tostadas with beans and salsa, and we tried to help them learn to use a tablet that they bought, to read the scriptures on it :) 

On Thursday was a ward activity to celebrate the Mexican Revolution. It started super late. We helped a sister by carrying cupcakes that she had made to the chapel; she put them in nice heavy glass pans too, and it was a 20 minute walk. Our arms hurt a little bit. Elder Hernandez also sang in the activity, with the guitar he bought. He sang Los Hombres no Deben Llorar, Men shouldn’t cry. He dedicated it to the ward saying that he too would cry when he left. 

On Friday, as district leader, I had companion exchanges with my district. I worked with Elder Adamson, from Utah (who also played tennis in high school, and worked as a janitor!). We had a great day working hard, and even found a hot dog stand with some delicious hot dogs, (and Mountain Dew, something they don’t sell here) in a Market that we passed through :) We felt we deserved a little something after a hard day of work :) 

Yesterday in church was the Primary Program. There were a total of 8 kids that participated, so it was small and they didn’t sing too loud, but it made me happy. I was also really pleased to pass the sacrament to a congregation of about 50, double than normal, because they arrived on time. It is great that they paid attention to the talk on punctuality last week :) 

Well, Elder Hernandez picked a good song to sing, because he has Transfers. He is leaving tomorrow morning, and I will be getting a new companion. I think I might be training a new missionary. It’s a possibility at least. We won’t know specifics until the day of, or, tomorrow :) He was been packing and I have been cleaning the house. I won’t be able to tell you about my new companion until next week :) 

There are a lot of people here in Moderna that really love Elder Hernandez. We are going to say goodbye to everyone today. I hope that now I can gain everyone's confidence like he has. 

Elder Aguilar, an Elder in my district, whom I seem to always be following, as we are always in neighboring areas of each other, and who is a good friend, is also leaving. Just us two gringos, Elder Adamson and I, are staying in the district. It’s OK. Changes are good :) 

Well, I will have to update you all on what happens next week :) 

Love you all so much! 

Elder Hayden Redford

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