Sunday, December 21, 2014

El es la Dadiva - December 8, 2014

That is great that Haylee's birthday turned out great! That sure is a lot of celebration for one little girl :) 

That is great that the basement is coming along! Thanks Kent! 

Oh, I wish I could be there to help with the Math homework.... just hang in there ShayLynn!  

This week we did a lot of looking for addresses. We talk to people in the street, invite them to listen, and they give us their addresses. This week we focused more in looking for those addresses :). We have fun sometimes because the house numbers don’t make sense here in the Colony Moderna. We see 3120 and then 1911 and then back to 3127. An example :) We get a lot of fake addresses too... so with all our looking for new people, we only found 3 new people this week... not too many really, but we will keep om working at it. We will find those who want to listen eventually, and it will be great :) There are quite a lot of people that Elder Hernandez and I visited before, that Elder Luna and I don’t really visit anymore, because they just won’t come to church and aren’t progressing... so we have focused on new people, and it was been a little slow :) 

This Wednesday we got introduced to El el la Dadiva. I had no idea what Dadiva meant. Is the video that the Church has produced about Christmas, He is the Gift. It is only 2 minutes long, but it is really good. The word Dadiva isn’t a very common word here in Spanish, so it sounds a little mysterious when we invite people to watch it. 
`Do you know what the Dadiva is?, No? Well check out the link on the pass a long card we just gave you and you can find out.` 
It’s kinda fun :) It makes them more curious. Dadiva is just a fancy word for a gift given out of love or gratitude, without hopes of getting anything back. Have you seen the He is the Gift video yet? here it is :

We helped out a part member family (Adela and Iresema) decorate their house too, and asked me to help put up the lights because I am tall. People suddenly like me for that :) That gave us Tamales as well, they were really good. I quite like them now :) 

We are teaching an awesome young man, Dilan, who has hardly any religious background, and it is going great with him. But, a woman in his house, I think it is his mom, doesn’t like us. We teach him outside on his porch, and suddenly, at least once per lesson, pokes her head out to say something against us. When she answers the door, she tells us that he’s not home, that he will never be home when we ask her. Just like that. And then she told us that we are super stubborn coming by to see him, that we are wasting our time, that if Dilan starts to treat her badly, as in starts to hit her, she is going to blames us, and blah blah blah. She also at one point told us that she would call the police the next time we knocked on the door, but seeing it as an empty threat, we have continued to visit him. It is really quite funny how hard she tries to say something against us, as there is nothing to say. I don’t know if she is completely right in the head either....she is quite snobby... at least she doesn’t yell :) ,  but we have high hopes for Dilan. He is 21, so he has the right to listen if he wants to or not. 

On Sunday, instead of having a lesson in Priesthood, the Bishop had us go and do visits. We went with two Brothers to visit a less active, and it was an interesting experience :) We had visited this member, Nicolas, many times before, and it was funny to see how they acted during the visit. But it was good. At last, the members are helping us a little more :)  

We also went to the First Presidency Christmas Broadcast yesterday. the Music was awesome! I also like the talks on the importance of having Christ like love and being generous with each other. I especially liked the story about the about who had terminal cancer and who would die in a few weeks, and that the entire ward and community did all that they could the help him celebrate Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas all in one week, because they knew he wouldn’t make it to all of them. It is amazing how much love they showed, and how they turned a sad experience into an edifying and happy one. 

And yeah, in the morning My companion and I continued deep cleaning the house, and it feels so good! Now we are going to eat Pizza as a Zone to celebrate doing a lot of contacts the past week, and things look good. 

Thanks for everything and for all your letters! 

I hope you can all feel the Christmas Spirit of this season and think in what you could do to help someone out this year :) 

Until next week,  

Elder Redford

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