Sunday, December 21, 2014

Elder Luna - December 1, 2014

I am glad that Thanksgiving turned out good =) 
Looks like the group was a little smaller this year without Mary or Lane, (or me =), but it sounds like and looks like everyone had a great time. And I hear that there was plenty of food =) 

My new compànion is Elder Luna, which translates to Elder Moon. He is from Puebla (de los Angeles) the same place that my first companion E Bautista is from. He is great, and reminds me of my MTC companion Elder Harris. He was the same time as Elder Hernandez on the mission, and is putting up with me. No, we get along great. Unlike Elder Hernandez, he likes to be clean =). We deep cleaned the house today, including the fridge. The house feels better and more organized now =)

I was surprised to have Elder Luna be my companion. We is the Elder that took my place when I left Tamaulipas, and who I met better when I went back for Betty and Valente´s Baptism. After a Transfer in another ward, he is now here with me in Moderna. So, he has been able to fill be in on my converts, as he followed me in my last ward. Valente has the Melchisedek (how do you spell it in English!?) Priesthood, and he and his wife, Betty, are Ward Missionaries! They are basically the parents away from home for the Missionaries too =D. That me so HAPPY to hear!!!! 

To say goodbye to Elder Hernandez Michel and Bryan made us a  Carne Asada, grilled meat and basically hot dogs cooked over charcoal. they went way out, they bought a ton of meat and potatoes and we had a great little party to say goodbye to Elder Hernandez and Elder Aguilar. A member also made some clay ....dolls? of me and Elder Hernandez as a gift because he left, and attached is a picture. 

 We have left a few investigators, and a few investigators have left us. Alejandro, who was so close to baptism, didn’t ever want to put a date, and then got a job where he works 8am to 8pm, with a day off during the week, and we simply can’t find him. His friend David whom we were teaching has moved away (to Apodaca), so we lost him too. We are working hard trying to find new people to teach. 

As a Zone we put a goal to contact 20 people each day, and we worked hard to achieve it. We ended the week with 103 contacts, and it felt good to work so hard, inviting almost every person we see in the street to listen. 

Elder Adamson stayed, and is training Elder Madrigal. They are Missionary Machines! They are working hard having a ton of success. Elder Madrigal got a great companion =) 

We didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving until Saturday, when a family gave us money instead of food for lunch. We went to KFC and each ate a MegaBox. Also, to celebrate contacting, we have plans to go out to eat again today. 

We tried to decorate more or less for Christmas as well. My companion put up a picture of Santa Claus, and I put up a picture of a snowman that the girls made for me and some snowflakes that Grandma Redford sent me last year. I also decorated my Planner with Mary and Jesus, as seen in the picture. 

I also got my package on Tuesday. Looks like it took about a month and a half? Thanks for the goodies and the cards Megan, ShayLynn and Haylee! =) And thank you Mom for reminding me about what brother Hyde said.  It was something I needed to hear. =) I am quite surprised at the wisdom that my little sisters have, especially with the quote that Megan made up about problems being the moss on the stepping stones of life. That was awesome! and Thank you Haylee for your bracelet that you gave me. It is really big! Looks like you have had fun making the rubber band bracelets. I have seen some of the kids here making them too. 

Thanks for all your love, and I send mine too! 

Elder Redford

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