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Transfers - January 5, 2015

Hello Everyone! 

I am super excited to hear about Haylee's baptism! I am super happy to hear about how excited she was, and about how much support she had from the family and friends. ShayLynn says that it seemed like a bigger deal than Thanksgiving, and well, it really was :) That is awesome that Haylee has taken her first step to return Home with Heavenly Father :) 

In the ordinances of the Priesthood (like baptism), the Power of God is manifest. I could feel it just seeing the pictures. Congratulations Haylee, and thanks Dad, for being such a great example, and using the marvelous Priesthood to bless our family! I love you :)

So I have news. I am finally leaving Moderna, after 7 1/2 months. I am a little sad to leave, as I have really learned to love the people here. I guess I met my goal that I set when I got here; to love this area so much that I did not to leave :) I feel I have done my part here though, the Ward is getting stronger and progressing, but I am mostly sad to leave my little district. We have become a tight little family :) I thought that maybe I would stay other Transfer, as I only have 1 with my companion Elder Luna, but no. 

We will see what the Lord has in store for me next, then. Oh, man! And we just got new mattresses from the mission in our apartment! :) 

Elder Luna doesn’t want me to leave :) 

On Monday we got together as a district to roasted chicken and play Uno, and it was a lot of fun. That night we found Hno Falcon, our Ward Mission Leader, and went to visit Hno Elias Reyes, who had not attended church in over 10 years. It must have been really good for him to have seen a member reach out to him, because he came to church on Sunday! 

On Tuesday I gave a training meeting on being more like Christ. We took a self-evaluation on Christ-like attributes, and then each one of us picked an attribute we wanted to develop, studied it for a few minutes, and then shared what we learned about it. It was good :) Afterwards we had Companion Exchanges and I worked in my area with Elder Adamson. It was a good day. We and our companions worked hard that day, and we ended the night with some Gringas (a type of taco) :) 

It was hard to find people on New Years and New Years Eve, a lot of parties and, well, drinking. We didn’t even stay up until midnight, but went to bed instead :) We didn’t celebrate much that night, but when we ate that day, Hna Dorita gave us Tamales and Champurrado, a chocolate drink, and another less active family, Yolanda and Ruben (who is a Mariachi/Musician) gave us some chicken, which was nice of them. 

On Friday we went to the offices to pick up new mattresses for the house (as the mattress I have been using doesn’t even have springs, just a pad), and then again on Saturday to have Interviews with President, and they were great. 

Our church schedule changed as well, we now go at 11, which I like better, as a missionary that is, because it is easier for people to get up on time. We had a good attendance, and had 5 less actives come back to church again who hadn’t gone for a while, so that was great! It was Testimony Meeting, and a few members don’t know how to bear their testimonies and say other things, but it turned out well. In Ward Counsel we planned for a really awesome Missionary Activity to go and contact people in the Market as a Ward this Friday, but I won't be here, sadly :) 

I got almost everything packed last night, so hopefully I can enjoy this last day that I have with my District. For now it is a great mystery where I will go and what I will do, but as I have said in letters before, Changes, in general, are good. They help us to learn more, to do more, and to be more. I will let you know where I am next week, as I won’t know until tomorrow. 

Thanks for your emails, and I love you! 

The Bishop here and his family (the Martinez family) say hi, and so does my companion, Elder Luna :) 

Love you! 

Elder Hayden Redford

Still anxiously waiting the packages! 

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