Monday, May 18, 2015

Hello Again :) - May 11, 2015

So yeah, that was kind of lame yesterday....the connection died on my end and I think because my companion started to call his family on another laptop and the connection couldn’t handle the both of them, or something like that. 

I felt like it was kind of lame, because we didn’t even get to say goodbye or anything; I didn’t even say I Love You, Happy Mother's Day to Mom! Sorry about that, know that I love you and that I am doing well, and it is good to hear that you all are doing good too :) 

Well, in the days since I last wrote, Friday was a really good day. We were super busy the entire afternoon, and found 4 new investigators to teach, 2 accepted baptism, and we also had a super intense lesson with Luis, the recent convert with cancer who had his hand (to his elbow) amputated. A few days ago he fell and it broke the bone in his bad arm, and it just hurts really bad, and they don’t have the resources to go into surgery right away, and was doubting the worth of his life if he had to live like he is any longer, as he has had tons of surgeries and problems, he is just getting fed up with it. The good thing is that through all of it, he isn’t blaming God. He is just super tired of all of it and lacks some self-confidence, and thinks that he isn’t good for anything. We tried to hammer into his head that he is so much more valuable to his family than money (because he feels bad that they spend so much on him) and that he is important to God and that He will always be at his side. As we talked, Elder Monterroso shared an experience of when he crashed a motorcycle and injured his back really bad, and was bedridden for a few months, and that he too had many similar thoughts, but he told Luis how he became stronger from it, and was what he needed to hear. We also came to the conclusion that all of this was helping him to be able to understand the Atonement better- how the Savior felt as he took upon himself the sickness and infirmities of his people, and how His Atonement can strengthen us. I hope the best for him. We already said goodbye (as we are both leaving the area), and one of the last things he said to us was that he hopes to see us again, whether in this life or the next, and hopes to be able to joke about all of it later on :) The Plan of Salvation fills us with so much Hope! 

Saturday was a less successful day, and Sunday we got to talk through Skype, so that was fun :) Of our 5 people who were going to go to church, only one went, a less active, but I think that we can blame the holiday. 

Well, I hope Mom was able to have a good Mothers' day. I really am so very grateful for all the sacrifices that she makes for me, and all the time and effort she puts in to making us, the kids, happy. I read the scripture of the Stripling Warriors before church on Sunday, and as   read it, I too knew that my mother knew it!  

I'll let you know where I am next week when I write, I will be in my new area tomorrow! 

Love you! 

Elder Redford 

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