Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Monte Kristal‏ - May 18, 2015

Hello everyone,

So my new area is Monte Cristal 1.1, here in the city of Jaurez, Neuvo Leon. My new companion is Elder Martinez from Guatemala look like a giant next to him, he is kinda short, but he is older than me, being 22! He doesn’t have a lot of time on his mission, but he is a really hard worker :)

So the new house that I was going to move into got robbed a few days before I moved in- Well I didn’t actually move in, since we are staying currently in the house of another set of missionaries, and it is really small... We aren’t staying there in our house because they broke the lock and a window to get in and robbed all the appliances and a few other things, so the since the door doesn’t lock, it isn’t too safe anymore. We have been looking for another house since the landlord doesn’t answer, and we found one that a member is renting, so far everything is a go so that we can have the contract singed on Tuesday and move in. It is in the safest part of our area, and it will really be a big help, since the house that we are staying in now with the other missionaries is outside of our area, and our area is HUGE! It was quite the hassle to get the senior couple, who are serving as the secretaries to come up and approve it, but FINALLY they came and it is all good... I hope. We spent the majority of the afternoon yesterday making calls and running around so that it could happen, but now we can breathe easy..... er. 

This is my biggest area, and it looks like it will be the most fruitful as well. The people here seem more friendly and humble, so that is good, and we have some great prospects, one who will be baptized in 2 weeks, who moved from one of my old areas, Moderna, to here. Kinda interesting :) 
The Ward here is a good size, and has lots of youth, which is cool. Well the chapel is just super far away, and getting our investigators to church is the hardest part. The bus to get there takes almost an hour..... the good thing is that in June we will start to attend in a different building a little bit closer; it is of a different stake (Andalucia) but we will still be part of our original stake (Los Angleles). Kinda weird. Our services are at 10, but in June they will be from 2 - 5, as there will be 4 wards attending that building!  That is super late! I am interested to see how it will work. The boundaries here are a little weird sometimes..... 
Once we get the whole house thing figured out I will feel much less stressed.... It was a wonderful ´´Welcome to your new Area!´´ The thing is that my companion got put into a trio because a missionary went home, and stayed the other Elders´s house, and in that time that the house was alone it got robbed. He hasn’t been able to work much in his area because of the trio, so now we are working hard trying to get it all back up again, and we have found a lot of new people, so things are looking good. 

We spent our P-day cleaning up our old house, that got robbed, cutting and pulling the weeds with a hoe and garden shears and organizing it so that we can move some of the things to the new house this week. It was pretty tiring, not much of a ´´day off´´ :) 
Well, that is the update :) 

Hope everything is well at home! 

Love you! 

Elder Redford     

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