Monday, July 27, 2015

Hermano Nelson‏ - July 13, 2015

Well, this week we felt we were on fire. We were looking at our investigators on Thursday during weekly planning and we realized that we had a potential of 10 Investigators in church for this week, and that all 10 had said yes, that they would go. We were feeling super blessed, and excited to see so many in church. But, by Saturday, two had dropped out in us, and Sunday morning another 2 canceled on us, and then when we got to church, there were only 2 that showed up. Helaman and Hermano Nelson. Hermano Nelson has quite a story though :) 

On Tuesday Night, we were told that Hno Nelson wanted to take the lessons, which is a huge miracle. He is the husband of a member in the ward. He has had many many missionaries pass by, and many have tried to teach him, but it never went very well. So, my companion and his companion before me stopped pressuring him, and just stopped by to visit the family, without any pressure on him to go to church or be baptized. Then, all of a sudden, he went to church. We didn’t think much of it, as he had gone before with his family, but had made it clear that he as apart from it. But last week during testimony meeting, the members´ testimonies about the temple got to him. And he felt like the lord was calling him, telling him it was time. On Wednesday night we went to the church to talk to him, and he told us that the Lord had already called him like 3 times like this, and he felt that now he needed to act. So, my companion´s testimony of Patience has grown, and mine too, and as we have seen the Lord´s hand in preparing him to finally join his family in the Gospel. So that was a special experience. 

A family that we had been waiting for to arrive was Alfredo and his wife. We contacted him on the street, and I asked what the most important thing for him in his life. He responded that it had been money, and talked about how in his past life he had been a workaholic and a party-er, and tried to buy his family´s love. But now that he has accepted Christ thanks to a Christian church, he realizes that God and Family are the priorities. So we scheduled to see him. 
The day that we saw him I was in Exchanges, and Elder Oliveros came to my area for the day. It was a hard day of mostly just walking looking for addresses, and no lessons. In the night we had the appointment with Alfredo, and he invited us in and offered us each a glass bottle of coke :) We talked with him and taught him about how his family could be sealed in the Temple for all eternity, and then invited him and his wife to baptism, and they both said yes, and agreed to going to church. We were super sure that they would come, but we are going to need to check up on them and see what happened. 

This week we were also able to contact a lot, we got to 97, just 3 short of our goal! We made a goal that if we didn’t meet our daily goal of contacts, we wouldn’t eat dinner (we eat lunch with the members instead of dinner). And, as you could see, we didn’t eat dinner one night :) It was a little incentive to contact more, I it helped us to talk to more people :) 
This morning we also did a little housework, pulling weeds in front of the house and behind in the patio :) That was fun :)  

I am also reading the part in 3 Nephi when Christ visited the Americas, trying to analyze it a little more, breaking up what he taught in each day, and paying a little more attention. It has been really good. I invite you to do the same as well, it is the most impacting part of the Book of Mormon :) 
Well, those are the events of the week.

I hope all is good at home :) 

(Hey, it just so happens that your anniversary is the day that the Canicula starts, which as the 40 hottest days of summer here! Wupee! Sunblock is a very dear Amigo :)

With Love, 
Elder Redford

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