Monday, July 27, 2015

July 20, 2015

Alright, so I don’t have much time to write today, sorry about that :)

This week I was losing a little bit of steam, but was able to pick
back up again with a special Conference that we had with President
Bird. We learned about and practiced asking good, thought provoking
questions and how to present ourselves and the Book of Mormon better
in contacts. I could really feel the spirit there, especially as we
practices asking good questions. It allows the person to think about
it and allows the Spirit to teach them, because He can only teach an
inquiring mind.

We didn’t have as many prospects to go to church this week, and we have
dropped a lot of investigators. But, 9 year old Helaman is
progressing well towards his baptism, he loved the illustrated Book of
Mormon Stories book that we gave him, and Hermano Nelson, whose wife
is a member, is progressing well too. We feel that he already knows
that it is true, and all he wants is just to learn more before he
makes the decision. His wife gave a talk on Sunday about Families, and
shared her hope of having an eternal family with her husband, so they
are progressing well too. And Jaime downloaded the Book of Mormon on
his phone and is listening to it, but couldn’t come to church. So, we
are seeing progress :)

Looks like I need to renew my temple recommend already!
We have high hopes for the upcoming week.
Hope that everyone is doing great!

Elder Redford

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