Thursday, September 24, 2015

Helaman and Rededication - September 14, 2015

Yesterday they told us about Transfers, and no surprise, my companion and I are staying. This is my last area, my last companion, and my last Transfer!

So, not much time has passed since I last wrote on Thursday, but I would like to tell you about two super cool events this week end :)

One was the baptism of Helaman. We spent like half the day cleaning the church and trying to fill up the font. We got there early to help Helaman´s mom decorate, but they didn’t arrive until the very hour, so we kinda got started late. She brought like a snack table! Cupcakes, fruit tacos, watermelon, candy, chips, and a bunch of green decorations, because it is Helaman's favorite color :) There were only a few extended family members that came, and a handful of ward members, so it was a small group. Elder Alvarez and I gave the talks and his Dad, Hermano Carmona, baptized him.

The other was that we got to see a session of the dedication of the Mexico City Temple. It was closed for a time to remodel. That was a cool experience. President Eyeing Presided and Elder Holland and Elder Piper were there. And since they didn’t all speak Spanish, they would say a line or two, and pause for the translator. It was cool to understand the two of them :) They were great talks. Elder Piper reminded us of Sacrifice, and all the sacrifices of members in order to have temples, Elder Richards talked about the importance of doing family history work, and Elder Holland talked about how the prophecy of Elijah the Prophet is happening before the great and terrible day of the Lord. It was a great talk. He said that all of us, being those who live in the last days, promised in the council of heaven in the premortal life that we would do the work of our ancestors who lived during the dark ages. He said that they did their part in helping us come to the earth, and now we need to do our part and be Saviors for them .It was such a good talk, then to top it off, Elder Holland shared his personal testimony in Spanish. It was one of the most special experiences. Just hearing him pronounce the words: Yo sé que jesucristo es nuestro Salvador. and Yo sé que la iglesia es verdadera, just flooded me with the spirit. Let’s just say that I was bawling when he said amen, and then it was followed by the dedicatory prayer, and we sang the Spirit of God as a congregation, which we all sang at the top of our lungs. It was just a wonderful experience.

Well, now I just need to finish strong. President sent me a packet with talks about creating a Life Plan, and wants me to make one and set some goals to talk about in my exit interview. The end is drawing near! I just need to find a whole bunch of awesome people for my companion to teach, to leave the area strong. 

¡Les quiero a todos un buen!

Elder Redford 

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