Thursday, September 24, 2015

Good Week - September 21, 2015

This has seemed like a long week. We had Transfers and our Zone Conference with President Bird in the same week!

I have been called as District leader again. It’s a little extra push to work harder, and I think it is because President doesn’t want me to get too relaxed on my last Transfer :)

The Conference was good, we talked about keeping the Sabbath day Holy and how we can do it as missionaries and how to help our investigators, and some other stuff about planning and being organized with the our records and things like that :)

This week I am most excited because of our investigator that we found, whose name is Eber. He owns a little store in our street, and we have boughten there a few times, and this last week he talked to us and said that he had been thinking about us, and gave us the name of his brother so that we could pray for him. we said one together with him, and then the next day came back and he gave us some free juice and doughnuts from his store and asked us if we had prayed for his brother, and we said yes. Then he told us that he had been dreaming about his brother, who had died, and that he saw him as very unhappy and that he couldn't find rest. But, that night, he had drempt his brother again, but this time content. Wow, there is totally someone on the other side that wants him to do his work for him in the temple! So we are teaching him the Plan of Salvation and it is going well. I am actually writing from his store right now, on some laptops that he rents out :)

We also have felt super guided to some good people this week, and I am excited to keep teaching them and to keep looking for new people :) I read the story of Ammon this week in the Book of Mormon and it helped strengthen my testimony that the Lord prepares his children to receive the gospel.

So, all is well. I think that is all I can write because I am out of time :)

Thanks for everything, love you!

Elder Redford

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