Sunday, September 13, 2015

Temple Week - September 10, 2015

Hola Todos,

So we went to the temple today, and my p day got changed :) It was good because it felt like a long time since I had gone.

This was a good week, we have been working a lot with Fatima, and recent convert who is getting a little rebellious, we were able to share about the Atonement with her and it really was a great lesson. Her parents aren’t members, and are worried about her because she doesn’t want to go to church anymore, so they decided that they would go to church with her so that she would go! It was funny that her nonmember parents were more excited to go than she was. It was Stake Conference too, so they really like what they heard (they had to leave early because they had plans with the family, but they really liked it :) So, that was cool :)

I had two Companion Exchanges since I last wrote, both were really good.
We are getting ourselves ready for Helaman's baptism this week! It will be really good to finally get him baptized! We had it set two weeks ago but they moved the date. So yeah. He made his program as well, he wants to sing follow the Prophet and wants Elder Alvarez and I to give the talks :)

Last night we tried to make flour tortillas... they turned out really hard, so we did something wrong... we learned that a Kilo of flour makes a TON of tortillas, way more than we thought..... We will need to ask what went wrong, because they just break when you try to fold them in half :)   

Well, it is great to hear that Megan had a Happy Happy Birthday, and Cello for a gift isn’t too shabby :)

And, I am super excited to hear that my cousin Mikayla got her endowments! I know she will be a great missionary :)

Well, I will let you know how the baptism goes, love you all!

Elder Hayden Redford

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