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¡Hola! from Elder Redford‏ - January 2, 2014

January 2, 2014

¡Hola! from Elder Redford‏

Finally a P Day that I can write! 

This morning I was able to go through the Monterrey Temple, which meant that our P Day this week got changed from Mon to Thurs. I barely had enough clothes ;) At the temple, many of the Elders were able to see the new film, as it had been translated into Spanish now. I was grateful for the headset, because I am not that good yet ;) It was wonderful, and I realized how much I missed the weekly temple trips with Grandma and Grandpa Fillingim. 

These past few weeks have actually been kind of hard. I really don´t have the language down yet, and sometimes some doubts creep in, but then I remember why I am here and what my purpose is. And I am praying like never before. 

The meals here are a little different, they are all really late. Lunch at 2 o clock , and dinner at 9. since we have to be back in our house by 9, we actually eat lunch with the members everyday at 2. I got a little sick to my stomach the first week in Mexico, but it has since passed :) 

It is really cold here! I know that it is not as cold as it is at home in Provo, but it is surprisingly cold. I did not expect that :) I am glad that i brought a jacket, Christmas and a few days afterwards it also poured down rain.  I didn't think I would need an umbrella, either, but it looks like i will need to pick one up :) 

Things are going fairly well. There are a couple of our investigators who are preparing for baptism! They need to attend church 5 times before they can be baptized (I personally feel like that is a lot). We have had to push back quite a few dates because they miss a week or 2 of church. 

One of our Investigators has a shop set up at her house, and is really busy sometimes. She has to leave multiple times during our lessons when people come up to the window of her shop. We are also trying to prepare her eleven year old son to be baptised on the same day. The problem is that her husband doesn't know yet.... 

You know those corn on the cobs with the read chile all over it in Nacho Libre? they are called Elotes (eh low tays), and are really good. Corn with butter, cream, chile powder and crumbly white cheese. This Investigator, Guerea, makes them and sells them, and on occasion has given us one when we stop by. 

We also have found a young man named Isreal. He is 17 or 18, and I have never seen anyone so young pay so much attention to anything before. he says he wants to change, and even said that he wanted to be a missionary like us, even though he expressed that he had no religious background. Sadly, he has a son, so he can´t serve a mission. I have been really excited to teach him. We have also had a lot of success with an Investigator named Karla. It felt really good to be able to teach the Plan of Salvation in Spanish yesterday. I felt like I actually helped out my companion :) As of now we have 4 Investigators with a Baptismal date! 

We walk a lot. 

Well, I should probably wrap up now. I am alive and well :) 

Love you all! Thank you all for your Emails and Letters! They are wonderful to read. 

Elder Redford

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