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¡Hola de México!‏ - January 20, 2014

  • January 20, 2014

  • ¡Hola de México!‏

This week was really pretty great. We were able to have some really great lessons. 

We have been teaching a youth named Isreal (I believe I have mentioned him in a previous letter), whom he found out has a drug problem. So we decided to teach him the Word of Wisdom, to help him overcome his addiction as soon as he can. We had him read a list of things that the Word of Wisdom prohibits, and asked which ones he consumed. His answer was all of them. Elder Baptista knew exactly what to say, and promised him many blessing if he could follow this commandment. It actually brought tears to his eyes. I tried to offer some encouragement too, with the Spanish I could muster. We then offered and gave him a Priesthood blessing to help him in his efforts to over come the addiction. He could fell the Holy Ghost super powerfully, and said that he had only felt like that one other time in his life, when his son had been born. He has been really hard to get a hold of lately, and I pray that he has been able to resist. 

Also, after a meeting with the ward on Saturday, we felt that we should visit an Investigator . We arrived at his house, and he hesitantly accepted us, because, in his words, he "was sinning". He had a cigarette at hand, and a bottle of beer in the doorway. He is very poor, and that that night he had gotten a phone call from his wife, saying that she wouldn´t be coming to live with him anymore because the very poor house that he had just bought was no place to raise their child. Depressed because of his economic troubles and his wife, we turned to other things to console his problems. before we left, we offered a pray with him, which I offered. It was really powerful, and I prayed that his wife's heart would be softened, and that he could be at peace. Learning that he was without food, we left and brought him some of our own so that he could eat something. In the time we were gone, he said that his wife had called, and that all was coming back. We were all super happy! And, I hope, he was able to experience the power of prayer. 
I know that I did! 

Sorry, I really want to write more, but my companion wants to leave. Already late for lunch with the Serna family! 

And the baptism was moved to this Saturday, so I will update you on it next week. 

I Love you all! 

Happy Birthday Dad! I feel bad that I missed it! 

Love Elder Redford

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