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Giving Service, and a Baptism coming up!‏ - August 1, 2014

Giving Service, and a Baptism coming up!‏

What!? Skylar Johnson is going to serve a Mission!??!! That is amazing! I have always carried around a little guilt for never reaching out to him as much as I should have, especially as 1st assistant. That is amazing to see that his testimony has grown so much. Tell him Congrats for me :) 

I also hear that Megan is a great Missionary :) ShayLynn wrote me that she was teaching Haylee like she was a missionary. Keep up the good work Megan! That made me really happy to hear. My sisters are such great, strong, powerful examples :) 

It is still hot. This hot period lasts until like the 21 of August, so, about 20 das more :) It is about 40 degrees Celsius (I think that that is like 104 or something), but the humidity is the thing. We are always wet :) 

Well, I wasn’t able to get in with the doctor this week. I showed up to his office, but he wasn’t there... we are going to go back on Monday.

This week we were able to find Gloria. Apparently, her husband is a member that we didn’t know about. She is passing through a lot of problems and has a lot of questions about her mother who passed away a year or two ago. A lot of really good questions. We were able to give her a priesthood blessing, and she said that she felt 'an energy' as we gave her the blessing. I feel that she is ready for the gospel. It is just hard for her to find time for lessons. As our focus for this week was to give service, we also helped her to sweep her patio when she was running around trying to clean her house when family was coming over :) 

Also in our efforts to give service, we were able to find another investigator, Visenta, who completely doubts that we can know with certainty that there is life after death. We never would have been able to talk with her if we hadn’t insisted on pulling her weeds :)

Also, another 'service project' that we did was cook Pancakes for Damina and his Family for breakfast. I thought they turned out great, and we had a lesson with them as well. That night we saw them in the street (as they literally live around the corner) and they told me that the pancakes (or Hot Cakes, as they call them here) had made them sick because they were 'crudo' or raw. Apparently because I don’t like my pancakes almost black, I am weird :) Oh well, I guess we won’t be doing that again :)  

We also did a few Family Home Evenings. The first was with members and Investigators, and we did the 'Bitter Cup' activity to teach the Atonement, where you throw a whole bunch of garbage (or rotten vegetables, in this case) in a blender was a representation of a person’s sins, and then tell them that they have to drink it, because justice will be served. Then we explain that there is also mercy, and that we can find mercy through repentance and the Atonement, and we read DC 19, where it talks about Christ’s suffering for us, and that Glory be to the Father, he drank the dregs of the bitter cup. 

We also had an activity with another family, where two of their children had to put together a puzzle blindfolded, and the parents could only help them and guide them to put it together with their voices. We used this to teach the roles of parents, the guides, who have more experience and want the best for their children, and the role of the children, who needed to pay attention the couple of their parents even when it is hard to understand. It also teaches the importance of patience and clarity of communication. 
The two of them turned out really well :) 

This week we were able to go to the temple, and that is why I wasn’t able to write Monday. I understand more and more each time I go (by means of the language, and the gospel as well :) It'll be cool to have it down in English and in Spanish :)

This week we really have been focusing on Reyna, Itzel and Aylin, the daughters of Damian. The three daughters are going to be baptized this Saturday, tomorrow! Their parents still need a little more time it looks like. But we are busy getting everything put together so that it is a wonderful experience for them. The sad part is that they are moving! We learned that they are leaving this Sunday! They are going to be baptized, confirmed in church on Sunday, and that night are leaving. We have made arrangements that they will be able to find their new ward, and that the missionaries over there can work with the parents, Damian and Belem. 

Well, that`s about the goings on here in Moderna. We are excited for our baptism, but sad that they are moving away so soon. Hopefully this can help them keep contact with the church so that they can all be baptized as a family! 
I hope to be able to tell you about it on Monday and send pictures too. 

I hope Girls Camp turned out well! I am sure that it did, but I hope you were able to enjoy it, and that Dad was able to handle the girls while mom and ShayLynn were gone ;) jk 

I love you all so much! 

Until Monday, 

Elder Hayden Redford

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