Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Monday, August 4, 2014

Sounds like a long, busy, but successful week :) I am glad that Girls camp turned out well, and that the girls enjoyed it, you put a lot of work into it. 

That is awesome that Dad was a great help at camp :) I know that his work was extremely appreciated. I am sure that he enjoyed some quite time alone when the girls were with Kathy. 
Ouch! I am sorry to hear that you bruised your leg and rib! I am sure that that hurts. Hopefully you can rest a little, even with the Andres over :) 

I found the nephew of the Loos’ in the ward! He came up to me after the temple and introduced himself. The Mormon world is so small! 

And I am getting skinnier! I had to adjust my temple pants with the buttons on the sides because they were too big :) That’s good though, because a lot of elder put on weight here for the food (really greasy); I feel good though, and hope to avoid gaining too much! I have learning that being full does not mean feeling stuffed :)

I am not sure what there is to write about since Thursday and today, other than the baptism, in the other email. 
Well, I guess I can say that I successfully had my ingrown toenails taken care of this morning :) hopefully they don’t bug me too bad :) but I was finally able to get tem taken care, so one less thing to worry about. 
The baptism itself was a great experience; Elder Hernandez did the honors of doing the baptizing. It was his first on the mission, and he was beaming the whole time while in the font. We had some great help from a recent convert, named Carla, who is like 20, who helped us out a ton with the girls; she got them ready, and helped them out of the font when they got baptized, and everything. We are very grateful to her :) 

I was also really glad to see the turnout; all the seats were filled :) 

The whole experience this weekend was a little bitter sweet, because they moved away, though. We spent the good part of the day helping them pack, and then said goodbye. Both Damian and Belem started to cry as they were about to get in the truck, and thanked us. I KNOW that they will follow their daughters soon, and I pray that they will find the missionaries there and that they will be able to take this decision as well, and be an eternal family, as we have stressed the whole way through as we have taught them. 

I tried to console my companion by quoting Elder Uchtdorf, who said in the last conference that there are no real endings, only interruptions, and that we have the opportunity to endless beginnings. That was my favorite part of his talk on Gratitude :) 

But yeah, now we are excited to ¨start over again'' it feels like, and find new people to teach. It does feel different without them (the lived around the corner, and we always saw them passing in the street :D), but changes are good, and they help us to grow and move on and learn new things. What would life be without changes, if everything was the same forever? I am glad that Heavenly Father has given us this opportunity to grow and progress, and I hope to be able to help others to the same, and help myself to do so in the process :) 

 I love you all and send my love, I hope to be able to write of many successes this next week :) 


Elder Hayden Redford

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