Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Letter from Hayden - August 11, 2014

Sounds like it has been a really busy week, and well, summer all together :) 
That is nice of Grandma and Grandpa to help us out with the machine for the sheetrock. I hope that I can keep my hopes up for having a room in the basement when I get back :) One good thing about living in Mexico is that I don’t mind the basement as much anymore. I mean, at least there are no cockroaches :) 

Sounds like the house will be pretty colorful when I get back. I want to see a picture of these doors :) 

It is good that you were able to visit with Grandpa and Grandma Redford as well. Grandma wrote me about what was going on over there, and said that she is using sour cherry juice to help with arthritis. Hope it is working :) 

This week the hat that Mandy promised me from her trip to Spain arrived. It is really small on me :) I am not sure when I can use it, but I am grateful that she thought of me :) Derek is also in the process of his Mission Papers as well! 

This week in Thursday an investigator, Blanca, who is super catholic, invited us to lunch, and we ate with her instead of the members. She made cheesy spaghetti :) We ended up talking about hymns, sang a few, and showed her some videos on her Tablet of Hymns, and she likes them a lot. I am not sure if we should drop her though, because she likes that we visit, but says every time ''you’re not going to convert me¨ and even asked us ``would you two like to be catholic?'' My companion still wants to keep visiting though. Her hold up is that she does not believe that there is a need for a Prophet in these days. She says that there is God and doesn’t need anyone else. For that reason I have really been studying a lot about prophets this week, and I have found/remembered some great conference talks. I don’t know if she will open up her heart enough to believe in prophets in these last days, but it has helped strengthen my own testimony of them. 

We also found an investigator that used to live here, left, and that has now come back to live here in our area. Turns out he was taking lessons from the missionaries where moved to, and now has come back here and is super ready for baptism. He has a drinking problem, but I can see that this Gospel really has changed him a lot, and he is set on being baptized. It is a blessing for us as we are not having much success here in Moderna, but I feel bad for the other missionaries that were teaching him, but also extremely grateful for their work. 

I also had splits with the companion of our district leader. It was my first time directing the area here, and it turned out to be a good day. My district leader Elder Cruz told me that Splits should have a reason, and this one was to see if I knew the Area enough to be able to train a new missionary. I have no idea if this is his own idea, form the Zone Leaders or what, but everyone in the District says that this next Transfer (in 3 weeks) I will be the District Leader and a Trainer.... We will see what happens. I feel I could take it :) 

We are also a little stressed, because the Zone Leaders asked my comp and I to give a small training on Being Diligent as Missionaries tomorrow in the Zone meeting. We will see how that goes :) 

This week was really the same old, same old, visiting investigators and a lot of members. We have to strengthen this ward in order to bring new members in! 

Thanks for your emails, luv ya lots! 

Elder Redford

I will try to send photos, if the computer will let me!

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