Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Trees, and awesome youth‏ - September 22, 2014

Wohoo! There is defiantly progress on the basement it sounds like! I am glad that Dad is able to find time to go hunting! 

I LOVE that pic of Haylee on her four wheeler! I can just hear her little laugh/giggle/cackle that she does when she gets excited! :) 

It is also great that Mom has been able to be a great missionary. There is a saying that says ``preach the Gospel; use words when necessary`` that I remember asI read about your experience. That is great that she is able to feel the Spirit that you bring and the light of Christ in your countenance.  

Hope ShayLynn can get through with her computer problems and with all her homework in general! 

This week was great, as seen in the pictures we went and cut down another tree with machetes (that we borrowed from a member.) We felt odd walking down the street with machetes, until a woman called to us and told us that they would arrest us if they saw us, and gave us some black garbage bags to wrap them in so that they weren’t out in the open. She wasn’t too interested in listening to us, but I am grateful for her concern to help us. 

Elder Agular, another elder in our ward, also completed a year in the mission, so he burned a shirt out of tradition. (I do not plan to do so :) I sent a foto of us and the smoldering shirt on the hanger! 

On Friday we invited Alejandro and David, out two young investigators, to come the market with us to go and do contacts, or invite the people to listen to us. We showed them a few examples of how to do it, and the two of them went with a member, Michel, who wearing a Future Missionary name tag looked pretty official :) we split up and tried to have a competition, but only had half an hour to do it before we had to be back in our house... but it was a great experience, and I am so happy that they are willing to be so involved in the Work of Salvation. Even non-members can do it! 

On Saturday the other missionaries in the ward had a baptism, they baptized a young man named Bryan. Now we have 2 young men! 2 more (Alejandro and David) are soon to follow! 

I also got to give another talk on Sunday, on the Holy Ghost. I told about how the Spirit helped me to be able to answer Mandy's Email as one of my experiences. 

But yeah! That is my week. 
Thanks so much for all your love! I fell at home for a few minutes each week as I read your letters :)

Enjoy that 4 wheeler Haylee! 

Love, Elder Hayden Redford

PS a sister from the ward, Hermana Paty wants to send some photos of us through facebook. She is going to try and find dad's and send them. Her account is Patty Sylvia. We will see how that works out; you can always use google translate! 

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