Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ward Activity, and RAIN - September 15, 2014

I am trying to send pictures of myself :) I realized that you guys might like pictures of me better than pictures of things or places :) 

Thanks for telling me about the Conference. I am doing well, don’t worry about me :) I already have 11 months almost, so time is going by very fast. Thanks for sending your love. I can feel it from here reading your emails. I send mine as well :) 

It is great that ShayLynn was able to pass her test! It took a lot of effort and studying I imagine, but now it is all worth it :) I tried to help a young man with a math problem, and I realized how much I am forgetting.... doesn’t make me too happy, but math’s not important right now :) 

And you really are great bargain shoppers. It’s as if you bought things that valued dollars for pesos! (it’s about 12 pesos for a dollar. Sorry, that was random :)

Since Thursday not a lot has happened. On Friday we had a ward activity to celebrate their independence day. We as the missionaries did everything, apart from the food. The musical entertainment and the games. I wore Mandy`s hat the whole time too, and Elder Hernandez had a Mariachi bow tie. I put it on and took a picture, as seen in the other email. :)  For the rain, we had a good turn out, I guess. a lot more than we were maybe thinking, though we were still a very small group. Alejandro, our investigator, even sang with us :) My companion played the guitar, another Elder (Elder Aguilar) played the violin. I tried to sing the chorus, because I didn’t know the words, but I looked great with my sombrero :) 

Saturday it rained the entire day straight. And since there is no dirt and hardly any plants, all concrete and asphalt, the streets flood; as you can see in the pictures :) 

We got soaking wet while walking in the street, and people didn’t want to let us in because we were so wet :) We ended up visiting a few members, but not a single investigator today. We visited a member and my companion and I helped him learn how to put together a PowerPoint! It was hard because I am unfamiliar with the terms in Spanish, but it felt great to help him out with something that I know so well :) My shoes are still wet, and it is weird to go from the super hotness to this coldness :) It is raining today, thank goodness. I think it was something like a tropical storm or something, and I also heard something about a hurricane on the coast. Good thing we are not on the coast :) /and luckily I didn’t get sick from the rain! A little bit from the chicken yesterday, but all is good!)

With the rain, I passed the sacrament to 14 members, plus us 4 missionaries and 2 investigators. By the end there were 25 members, but it was small yesterday. But Alejandro still came! 
We learned that Martin is seeking professional help with his alcohol addiction, which is great, because we hadn’t been able to find him all week. It is great that he is taking that initiative. 
Now we just need to focus on finding new people to teach :) 

Things are going great, thanks for your love! 

Elder Hayden Redford

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