Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hola - March 2, 2015

Well, it sounds like a good week back at home, busy as always.

Lots and lots of homework and tests for ShayLynn, Oh, what fun! Hope the best for you when results get back, and that you Morp date is a lot of fun!  

Well this week was good and bad. We had a TON of members come out with us to help us teach, which was really cool. We even did splits, and my companion and I split up with different Brothers in the ward to teach two lessons at the same time. My member ended up dominating the lesson and talking the whole time, and we didn’t get to what we had planned to teach, which was a little frustrating, but it is good to see his excitement to teach. He is a return Missionary, and maybe he got carried away. We know better for next time though how to work with him, but it was really cool to try Splits out at last. 

This week was a little hard here for a couple of things. One, is that it was super super cold for a few days this week, and since there is much less heating and air conditioning in the houses, it affects the people more here and the don’t want to leave their houses. And then we are still not having a lot of success finding new people, so we don’t have many people to teach. We have learned that we need to depend more on the Lord and the Holy Ghost. We need to look for him, and I mean really look for him, and not just go along with the thought of following Him if or when he wants to tell us something. Rather we need to be actively seeking for Him and His guidance rather than passively waiting for it to come. And we need to put an effort into developing the Gifts of the Spirit. So I am going to focus on that this week. Discovering what Gifts I have been blessed with, and identifying which ones I need to develop. I also learned that I needed to pray better, and have been able to put into practice more sincere prayers. I invite everyone to do the same. When we pray sincerely and just out of routine you just feel so much better.

This Friday we were able to see the movie Meet the Mormons! It is finally coming out over here in Spanish, and it is in the theaters now, so we trying to invite everyone to go and see it. It was really good, and I would love to see it in English :) The cool thing was that we were able to see the part with the family in Cost Rica talking with their actual voices, and weren’t dubbed like I’m sure they are in the English Version :) It was really really good, I am excited to see the effect that the movie has on the people. 

I don’t think I heard about how it went in the states. Have you all been able to see it? It has a great message of how much potential we have as children of God, and how blessed we can be as we live the gospel fully. I loved every one of the six stories it showed. Hope everyone can see it if they haven’t! 

I also just got back from having another ingrown toenail cut out! Woohoo! So that was fun. 

So, we are hoping to have a wonderful next week as put into practice our humility and seek out the Spirit to guide us. 

Thanks for everything, I Love you all! 

Elder Redford

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