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New Transfer - February 17, 2015

Ok, so Transfers were today. And today is my P day. Sorry that I didn’t write yesterday, it because a new group of missionaries arrives yesterday, and we were asked to take them out and work with us for the day, so President changed our P day from yesterday to today. 

That was actually a lot of fun :) I we were asked to work with two new, Latino missionaries for the day, so we did divisions and went to work 2 in 2 for the day. I was with Elder Dominguez from Michoacán, and he is pretty great. is a convert of 2 and half years, the only member of his family, and 24 years Old! had just about finished studying and everything, but decided one day that he would fill out his papers for a mission and see what happened. It was great to work with him for the day, I hope to see his success as a missionary, and the blessings that the Lord sends to help the family of this Elder. 

This week we put some pretty high goals to meet as a Zone, and we all worked really hard to achieve them. we didn’t quite reach all of them, but we were able to work really hard and it was a good motivation. 

One of the goals was to get the members to participate, and to go out and do visits with us. It was frustrating, because we would make arrangements with various members, and when it came to meeting them at the place and time they weren’t there, and didn’t answer their phones... so we were a little discouraged at times for that. But, one success in our efforts paid off, because we had a family home evening with a family who invited their neighbors over. we played the game Jenga, and them taught how we need to build the foundations of our families on the rock of Christ to be able to withstand and overcome the difficulties in Life. it was a good lesson, we are still waiting back to see if they would like to learn more and take lessons, but they liked the message a lot and we were able to gain their respect as missionaries. 

We were also able to find some new people to teach as well! We found a young woman and we boyfriend, Ivon and Uriel. and two families, one the Tovar Family and, the other the family of a sister named Letti, He have great hopes for them. None were able to go to church on Sunday, though, darn it! :)  

On Friday we got together as a Zone to shine shoes in a market. It was the most successful activity of this sort that I had seen yet, there were a tone of people that wanted their shoes cleaned, we had four elders shining at a time, and I shined like 5 or 6 people´s shoes, while in past activities I hadn’t shined a single one! I felt that we got the short end of the stick because both me and my companion both were shining, and didn’t actually get the opportunity to go and contact the people, so as everyone walked away with like 40 contacts for the day, we walked away with 6. I was talking about that with Hna Alonso, one of the sister missionaries in our ward, and I learned a lesson on charity when she replied, “well, at least you got to do some service, that´s the most important part´´. And it is true. I saw that by thinking that way, I was focusing on numbers, and not people. I need to be careful not to fall into that trap again :) 

I was super excited because a member family, The Robles Family, went to our ward on Sunday! They had gotten offended, so they had been going to a different ward for a long time, not wanted to go to their own. We had been visiting them, letting them know that they weren’t forgotten about, and just being friends with them. Then, they told us and Saturday that they would come back! The sister said that she recognized that her family couldn’t progress while going to the other ward, since they want to be sealed in the temple, and can’t get a recommend for not attending their own ward. So, they decided to come back. We went to their house on Sunday morning to bring them to church, and we were super happy! 

Now, though, we are a little sad about Transfers. I am staying the same with my companion (which is awesome!), but the sisters missionaries in our ward both left! We became good friends with Hna Alonso and Hna Martinez as we ate with them every day and worked together in the ward. It is sad to say goodbye. Now we are waiting to see who the new sisters are that we will be working with :) 

So yeah, that is about how my week went. It was a good one. I hope to be able to get things going here and we are excited to see what the Lord has in store! 

Love you all! 

Elder Hayden Redford

P.S. I finally got my Christmas packages on Tuesday! Thank you so much! I loved the calendar, especially!

And the cakes were gifts for valentine’s day, the chocolate from the Flores family, and the cheesecake from the sister missionaries :)  

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