Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hola - March 9, 2015

Well, we are keeping up the fight looking for  new people to teach :) 
We have been working well but with few results, no one came to church yesterday, everyone with one excuse or another, but that is ok. My companion is awesome (even though he yells at old ladies; no just kidding. Yesterday we had a  Bible Bash with a Christian lady yesterday for like 20 minutes, and he got super worked up. It is great to see his testimony though :) It was an interesting experience :) and we are trying our best.

I keep learning to be a better leader, and we even had a District Leader Training Meeting on Saturday, and was able to learn more. I was a little embarrassed to walk in 15 minutes late, because we misjudged how much time the bus would take. President wasn’t there though, just the assistants, because he got sick.. Hope he gets better soon :) 

We had a cool experience planning the other day. we were going to visits a less active family and we were trying to figure out what to teach, as this member is super worried about other people being hypocrites. So we took a long time to think and bounce off ideas, until we came to the conclusion of what we should share, and what the real problem was. So, we learned that the promise in D&C 9 is very true, that if we study it out in our minds and ask if it is true, the Spirit will help us feel that the answer we have arrived at is the right one. That is how He works. We have to work for  the answers, and on the journey to them, we will  learn a whole lot. :)

We also had a day when we just feeling really down, and a random guy from a parking lot yelled out to us in English, asking how we were doing. we find out that he is Catholic Musician or Singer type deal, whose work is to go around singing Religious music and devotionals, and that they were there waiting to go the airport to fly out to some place to have  a concert. He is from Texas, and knows perfect English, but is Mexican. It was really cool to talk with him, and he thanked us for what we are doing, a as there are a lot of people who need to more about God and his gospel, and that even though we were from different religions, he respected out efforts and congratulated us. It was a good experience, because we needed someone to say that to us, and in  our prayer before leaving to work, we  prayed to be  more excited to work, as we felt a little down, and that morning God answered out prayer in that way. It was really cool, and we feel much better :)   

On Sunday I had the opportunity to conduct a baptismal interview, which was really hard because she felt she was ready but I didn’t, as I saw that she lacked a solid testimony of the prophet Joseph Smith and Pres. Monson. She hoped that it was true, but hadn’t received an answer yet or she didn’t feel a she could say she knew yet. So it was a little difficult. I was able to tell her about how I had received my own witness of the prophet Joseph Smith, singing Praise to the Man in Seminary after learning about his Martyrdom. So that was cool. It took a really long time with her, sharing scriptures and experiences, and it took like 50  minutes, but it was good, and I have hope that she will get an answer. 

Today we played soccer as a Zone, which was fun, but the member whom I have mentioned before, the 70 year old who lives the Word of Wisdom, played with us! And he is really good. I got a lot of critiquing though, as he saw that I didn't know how to play, which was a little frustrating for me. But it was good, over all. 

This next week I am going to have a lot of  Companion Exchanges :) So that will be fun and different. 

Well, sorry that there isn’t much to report on this week.... it was supposed to be a busy week, but the rain  and the weather didn’t help us out in a lot of things. It was super cold some days, and there is more to come! 

Thanks for all the emails, I have a lot to read today! 

I send  my love, 

Elder Hayden Redford

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