Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Temple - May 28, 2015

So, our temple trip snuck up on us, and I wasn’t able to let you know that I would be writing late :) 
I have pictures, but I will send them on Monday, when I bring my cord with me :) 

This week was very busy, but not necessarily in the work, but with the house and moving... one day to get the contract all figured out, one to move the things form one house to another, another day to clean the old house, and another to give the keys to the landlord and get the old contract all figures out.... but yeah. Eating up a couple of hours each day. Now we are all good, we have our own house now, we still lack a few things still, like a stove, a microwave, dishes, and a broom and mop, but we will get them next P day when we have money and time to go shopping, and mission will provide us with the appliances :) 

This week we have been trying to be more friendly. Instead of 'doing contacts' we want to 'make friends'. As bad as it might be, a person really does need to first convert to the messenger before they will convert to the message, and a person doesn’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care (these are things I learned from a book I found while we were moving houses, How to be an Extraordinary Missionary by John Bytheway). It has been a lot of fun, and it make talking to people more interesting and fun. I am trying to develop more 'small talk' skills :) 

We have had some cases where even doing that they still give us fake addresses when we are really excited to visit them, but oh well, we just have to move on :) We are trying to figure out how to more efficient as well, since the area is huge and takes forever to get anywhere. 
On Tuesday the District got together and all worked in a part of our area and just contacted everyone they saw.... we have like 30 addresses to look for now, so there is a lot to do :) 

One day we had the dad of a recent convert, who isn’t a member, invited us over to the house, and as we talked with him, he really opened up to us and told us some very personal things, and even gave us a little gas stove that he had bought for us, since he heard that it was one of the things that had been robbed form the other house. We were very moved. 

The only bad thing is that as a rule, we cannot have or use gas tanks in the house for safety rules... but we couldn’t rejects such a sincere gift.... it is a hard situation, but we hope to be able to help him out with his desire to be a better person and maybe it is one step closer to him achieving his own baptism. We are going to see them again tonight, and have a type of Family Home Evening with them.  

Elder Martinez and I are getting along very well, and working hard too. He has much less time as a missionary than I have, but I am learning a lot from him :) 
Oh yeah, and our schedule to go to church will be from 3 - 6 instead of 2 - 5! Super late! Starts not this week but the next. 

I hope you could enjoy Memorial Day! And Happy Summer Vacation! 

It’s really hot here. 

Love you all and I wish everyone the best! 

Elder Redford

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