Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Habits - June 1, 2015

Congrats to Megan and Makaila  for their graduations! 

Well, there isn’t much that has happened since Thursday :) 
Thursday night we had a Family Home Evening with the Martinez Fuentes family, and we taught them how to make Good Habits using 7 steps, and then invited each member of the family to make one and makes plans to develop it.  It turned out good because each one was able to make a habit that would help the family be more united, as that is their challenge (their 14 year old daughter Fatima is the only member). We were hoping that the dad would make his habit to stop drinking or something like that, but instead he decided that he would spend more time with the family, which is really good as well. If I can remember them, these are the 7 steps: 

1 Decide on the Habit. 
2 Write all the blessings that you would receive if you could develop it. 
3 Don’t permit exceptions. Write down all your excuses for not doing it. Then, cross them all out.  
4 Visualize yourself with that habit. 
5 Make a saying or a phrase. As a reminder of your habit. It can be a motivation and a reminder to keep on going when the situation presents itself to put your habit into practice.
6 Tell someone your habit, so that they can support you to develop it. (Heavenly Father is a second person that it would be good to tell it to as well) 
7 Give yourself a reward once you have developed it, as an incentive :) 

On Friday I had Exchanges with the Zone Leaders, and Elder Austacio worked with me for a day. It was really good, I was really impressed with his humility and how much he depends on the Lord and the Holy Ghost. He was always testifying and teach everything very simply. He helped me see that I need to testify more when I teach and that unity with my companion is important (even though I fell we get along well), but particularly in our way of teaching. I was able to learn a lot and we have been able to set some good goals for the upcoming weeks, such as short, but powerful lessons. 

On Saturday we went with our ward mission leader and visited a few investigators and then he introduced us to a few of his friends, one of which is from Guana, Africa, living here in Mexico with his Argentinian Wife, and his son Raul, who happens to be a friend of Fatima's. Small world. It was interesting, were quite international in that visit, one for the US, one from Guatemala, one from Mexico, one from Africa, and another from Argentina. I don’t think that they will progress much, as they (well, she) are very rooted in Catholicism, but it was a cool experience. Part of the time they were speaking English with me. 

Sunday was sad because we had for sure 3 investigators that were going to come to church, but not a single one showed up. We even saw one in his car with his wife pass us, and we thought for sure he was on his way to church, but when we got there, he was nowhere to be found... 

Well, I am feeling good and trying to get the hang of the area and the ward, and have high hopes for this week. 

Love you all! Take care! 

Elder Hayden Redford 

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