Monday, June 29, 2015

Ok, this time I have internet :) - June 29, 2015

Ok, this time I have internet :)

Alright, so I kinda need to catch up from last week, because the internet went down in the cyber :) 

So I stayed here with my companion in the same area. I am pretty sure that I am going to die in this area (which means end my mission :), or in other words, that it is my last area. 

The week before we did a ward activity where we trained the members on how to be follow shippers and how to help us out with our investigators. It turned out good, but not as well as we expected. We didn’t have enough time for the 3 companionships to share everything that they had prepared, so we had to cut ours short, and it didn’t turn out was well as we wanted...  but that’s ok. We told them that they could help us out by 1 giving rides 2 greeting them and 3 sitting with them, being the investigators, in church. 

From Sunday to Monday we did a fast to find new investigators. The Lord was trying our patience. Monday was terrible. Tuesday wasn’t too great either. And then on Wednesday we found a less active, Eric and his nonmember wife, Flor, who has a desire to be baptized and to be married in the temple! The only bad thing is that for their work schedules it is super hard to find them, but this next month she doesn’t have to work Sundays, and promised us that she would go to church. So that was good. 

Then On Thursday we brought some youth (including a young man Javier and a recent convert Fatima) with us to visit Debahny. We weren’t able to visit her on Tuesday when we had the appointment because she got sick (another bit of patience tried), but she was home Thursday, and we had a great lesson. Her and Fatima clicked as friends, and we could feel the spirit as we taught the Restoration. In that lesson I felt the same as when I taught Betty and Valente, a super awesome family that I taught and who just barely completed a year as members. And for that, I know that she too will be baptized. We can just feel it. She couldn’t come to church in Sunday though because when went to see her grandpa who is really sick. ... we hope that she can go next and things calm down with her grandpa. 
Then On Sunday, since we enter at 3, we went and taught family in the morning. Only the husband, Jaime (Hi - may, or James if you like) came out, and we taught him on the porch about Joseph Smith. We were surprised that he had read the pamphlet we had left with him, and he more or less understood it too, so we just cleared everything up, invited him to pray about it, and to come to church with us that afternoon. He said yes. So we called a member, Hermano Jesus Belttran, to pick him up to take him to church. 

We were kind of down when he hadn’t showed up even after sacrament meeting. But then we saw Hermano Jesus come through the door, and a few seconds later, brother Jaime. We were super excited to see him. We learned afterwards that the member's car had stalled, and that he, and our investigator, had to push it to the church, and then into the parking lot, and that was why they had arrived late. The members did a wonderful job fellowshipping him, and we even found out that of the Elders quorum counselors is his boss at work! 

Then as we were heading back with the other Elders in the ward to our areas, we saw them on the side of the road with the hood up, so we stopped so see if they were ok, and he got the car started up again and we took Jaime and his 5 year old son who came with him back home. It was quite an adventure for our investigator, but he seemed to be a good sport about it, and I hope it helped him form a bond with the members :) 

So, it was good week. Fasting is true, and God answers prayers. But he tries our patience too :) I am excited to see these investigators keep progressing! 

I pray that all is well at home. Love you all!

Elder Redford

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