Monday, October 5, 2015

Hola - September 29, 2015

Wow. That is sad to hear about Christian... I hope that everything turns out ok with his family...  I have been praying for you guys so that everything can be good between them and us. Good to hear that he wanted to talk to Dad. 

Good to hear that you were able to have the missionaries over! Sounds like they were a lot of fun. That is quite the prayer though :) 

No way that Mikaila already had her farewell! That is absolutely crazy. I know that she made the right choice, and especially for the blessings she will see in her family. I know that I have seen so many!

Well, this was a pretty normal week. What I liked most was that a few members got excited about coming out with us to teach, and that was pretty cool. Things always turn out better when we have a member with us, and it gives the investigators a chance to make friends so that they feel more comfortable in church. I would like to keep helping out the missionaries when I get back, but it’s just that there are so few! 

Lots of people are basically sending me home, always making comments on how little I have left. I really don’t feel that I have that much time, or that it is almost over! I need to wrap up some loose ends still, like sending some letters to some converts and making sure that my journal is all up to date ;) (and if I am lucky, I might make it in time to go to Betty and Valente's sealing in the Temple!) , and I am working on the Life Plan and after mission goals that President asked me to make. So yeah, I guess the time is short. I am trying to work though like nothing is different :) 

Please, don’t kill yourselves trying to get the basement done. I can totally help out. after living here in a few of the houses, I don’t mind much. I mean, there aren’t cockroaches :)    Like Shelby, one really does learn a lot about humility being in another country. She even more, being in Guatemala. I showed Helaman and his family our house on google maps, and they say that we live in a mansion. 

Well, thanks for all you do and I send my love, 

Elder Redford

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