Sunday, October 25, 2015

Marriage Counseling :)‏ - October 19, 2015

Well this was a good week, looking for new people, with a little bit of success. 
We are having to be basically marriage counselors for a companionship in my district who aren’t getting along... it is hard and a little awkward. They just do not feel they are compatible, but it is just a little pride on their part. The world would just be so much simpler if everyone was humble!
Well, honestly I don’t know what there is to write, since I just wrote on Thursday... let’s see, well my companion spoke in church on Sunday about being modern day pioneers. Basically he invited us to take initiative to do what we know needs to be done. Be a pioneer by being the first in the quorum to do their home teaching, or first to turn off the TV in Sunday, or to do their family home evening, things like that. 

Also I ran into sister Serna, a beloved sister that I met in my first area. She found out that I had little time left, and encouraged me to make the most of it. She was almost a mom for me in my fist few months of struggling to learn the language and culture when I first arrived, so it was really good to hear what she said. That family is a great example to me. So, I want to make this last week count, because it is what my Mom would want too :) 

I know that the blessings come when we are obedient, so I want to make this last week the best that I can :) 

Like I said before, don’t kill yourselves building the basement! I can help you know :)

Love ya all! 

Elder Redford

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