Monday, April 20, 2015

Another week in Victoria‏ - April 19, 2015

Living in a house with 4 missionaries is a lot of fun, especially with the deep doctrinal questions and discussions we have during companion studies and at night. My Guatemalan Companion knows a ton of scriptures too, so the debates, well, discussions, are kind of fun. We have also found a lot of interesting people here as well with deep questions, like a member that we found who got baptized, went to church for a month, and has never gone again for over 20 years (because he didn’t feel fellow-shipped, and never developed a testimony). He is really confused, and has lots of questions (like if Jesus is really the name of our Savior, since it is a Greek name and it should be Hebrew, and things like that.) Questions that make you think. We always arrive at the same conclusion thought; the church is true. 

We have been trying to help out a recent convert in our area who was baptized but whose record was lost. We finally arrived at the conclusion with the bishop that with the signatures of a few who witnessed the ordinance, we could make the record again and get him on the records of the church at last. He, Luis, is a very interesting person. He has a burning testimony, but does go to church very often for his health. He has cancer in his arm that is spreading, and they have already had to amputate his left hand. Now he needs another surgery as well, so he is in bad shape, but is a saint through it all. We are almost done with figuring all his paperwork out , so that is good. I will have done something good here in this area after all :) 

It is still hard finding people... only two new people this week. One has potential to keep progressing. Eugenia recently had her father pass away, and feels that there is now emptiness. We were able to introduce the Plan of Salvation and make plans to explain it to her more fully in the next visit, and we invited her to pray. I hope that she can feel the Spirit and the Hope of this message and have a desire to learn more. 

Friday was hard without a single lesson. We were losing hope. We went to the house to drop something off, and offered a prayer, asking for help to find those who would accept us. We found the hour and a half that he had left to work that day were much more successful, the people were more receptive, and I could feel the spirit more. So, I know that God answers our prayers. 

I got to give another talk on Sunday too. It was fun. On repentance. I read a part of Alma's conversion to show the contrast of a sinners sorrow and a sinner’s repentant joy. Alma 36 is a great chapter, I invite you to study it :) Also Alma 26 : 18-20, and Mosiah 2: 23 - 24. God really is merciful. 
Also, Antonio, a recent convert who always is with the missionaries, was able to be interviewed for the Melchizedek Priesthood, and passed, and will be ordained in a few weeks. We are excited for him :) 

This week we are going to have our Zone Conference with President Bird. We will be talking about the Gospel and Baptism, and about loving others, I feel, as that is the topic of all the things he has given us to study. It should be good.

Well, those are the eventful things that happened in the week. 

Hope all is well at home!

Thanks so much the emails, Love you all ! 

Elder Redford

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