Friday, April 3, 2015

Went to the Temple again!‏ - March 26, 2015

So this was a really long week. First off, I had 3 days of companion exchanges. 
The first one was on Tuesday, where my Zone Leader E Ramirez came to work with me, the second one on the next Monday I went to work with my other Zone Leader, Elder Pendleton, and the third, the day after on Tuesday, I went to work with E Rupp in my district. So, I basically spent two days and two nights without even seeing my area, with companion exchanges back to back! 

This was a long week, like I said, with lots of ups and downs. 

We have helped twice this week in the offices, putting directions that the missionaries have gotten, and putting them in the computer. It is fun but draining. :) 

Sooo, we aren’t having much more success in finding people. With the people that we have found though, we were 100 percent sure that they would go to church, but once two called us in the morning to cancel, and the other wouldn’t answer his phone or his door, our hopes were bashed. 
After church though. I was able to interview a young man, Isaac for baptism. He passed. That was really cool :) 

And then we left to go eat at a member’s house, who had found an apostate video attacking the Mormons, and showed it to us because it was in English and they wanted us to translate it. we told them it wasn’t anything good that they should pay attention to videos like that... so that didn’t help out the mood much. 

Ronulfo, and old man, and also Diana and Hidai, two young women whom I had the opportunity to interview, were baptized! I heard that it was super good, but we weren’t able to go because our investigators would not answer our calls.. (we can’t got to a baptism unless we bring investigators) It was bitter-sweet, we really really wanted to go, and the two of them were really sad that we couldn’t stay to watch (because we at least went to say congratulations beforehand, as I had to drop off their Baptismal records), but it is super sweet that they are now baptized! So I guess we shouldn’t be so selfish and just be happy that at last they have been able to take upon them the name of Christ. and have taken their first step toward entering into the kingdom of Heaven.

So after that somewhat sad day, we were able to boost our amino with the Exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I went to their area, and we had the goal to contact 200 people that day, super high. But, we got to 110! That is a ton! As many as an average companionship gets in a week! It was a lot of fun and it made me excited to the same in my area. 

We also did a ton of contacts in my other exchange as well, it was a lot of fun. But now, I am SUPER tired, with working hard and being outside of my area for 2 and a half days :) So, today going to the temple was a good break, even though we got up at five in the morning to go :)

I am learning a lot about how I need to work as a missionary to be more effective, and about being a better leader. It has been a good week, overall, with a few difficulties. 

Oh yeah, and I get to give a talk on Repentance in church this next Sunday. That will be fun. Elder Weiss was able to chew out the ward as we talked on Tithing, no, just kidding :) . It will be fun :) Its only 8 minutes, so it is really short.  

We are anxious to hear about Transfers in a week, we both get the feeling that the two of us are going to leave. We will see what happens. We are now about to go to a Zone Barbecue and play soccer for the rest of our P day, so it should be fun and yummy! 

By the way here are some pictures of my zone,  and me and my companion at the temple. 

I hope that all is well at home, I got a lot of emails today and I don’t have time to read them all, so I am going to print them off and read them, and them respond on Monday. 

General Conference is coming up! Yay! Get ready for it,  because it’s gunna be good!

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