Friday, April 17, 2015

La lucha es real‏ - April 13, 2015

Hello dear friends and family, 

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Yes, I was able to have cake, and it was delicious, thanks to my new `roommates' :) They came back to the house with a big yellow cake with chocolate frosting, and then the delivery guy came with the Gringas (tacos) that I ordered for everyone, so we were able to have an enjoyable dinner, and president Bird even called to say Happy Birthday. 

The only real success that we had in the work this week was finding an old couple, named Maria and Jesus (quite the names for a couple, at least he isn’t Josè :). They cannot read nor write, and don’t have a solid background in a certain religion, but have a lot of faith in God. I think that she might be the baptism we`ll have in the area. She really liked the lesson where we taught the first Vision, and is excited to go to church. We hope the best, and we might have to spend a little extra time explaining things, as we won’t be able to leave reading assignments. A lot of the people that we have found and taught have gotten offended when we have invited them to baptism as of late... we will need to find a better way to do it, or we will forever be without investigators :) 

We have also ran into a couple of strange people, who basically don’t believe in Faith, the see it to believe it type. These two instances where very smart people, who professed to study everything, from the bible to the Koran to the Buddhists, and even the Book of Mormon (parts). One of these people, as he saw all the confusion and differences, decide to stop believing in God, while the other kept believe in a God, but just refused to decide on one religion. They were experiences that made me think a lot, and that reasurrred me that we are in the truth. 

On Friday, the day after my birthday, we went to a market in the morning to talk to people, and while there, I went to look for a watch, as the battery in mine was dying. I bought one, and as I went to put it on, realized it was too small, so I went back to return it, and, wanting me to buy another, the guy started showing me a whole much of watches, until he offered a really nice Calvin Klein watch for 200 pesos (14$ because the hands didn’t line up quite right, but he fixed it for me anyway), which I considered a great deal, and got it as a Happy Birthday to Me kind of thing :) Then afterward we visited Maria and Jesus again, which was really great :)

On Sunday, a member from Miguel Aleman, my last area, asked me to bless one of their twins, and since it is in the same building, we just went to church early at 9 and attended both sacrament meetings. It would have been really great, but he was crying the whole time. I tried to calm him down before I gave it, but he wouldn’t, so I just gave it with him crying for the first half. It was something that I never expected to do on my mission, bless an infant in church (and in Spanish). It is that the sister`s husband isn’t a member, and she wanted them, her twins, to be blessed, so she asked that I bless one, and that Elder Weiss bless the other. After I blessed Sebastian, they went to Elder Weiss`s ward so that he could bless Alesandro at 12. An interesting experience :) 
In our own sacrament meeting, an investigator, Olga, whom, I had met, was confirmed, and she honored my by asking if I could stand in, and of course I accepted :) 

So I am getting a lot better at soccer now :) We play it a lot. Well, I am not really that good, but I can contribute, and I made a goal today, so I am getting there :) We played this afternoon as a zone activity, and now am hot and sunburned :) but it was fun :)  

Well, thanks so much for everything, I love you all!


Elder Redford

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