Friday, April 17, 2015

Strange Transfers - April 6, 2015

So, these were from pretty strange transfers.
So, like I said, both Elder Weiss and I left. I was sitting in the transfers meeting so sure that I was going to the train, but then I got called to serve in Ward Victoria, with Elder Monterroso. Victoria is the neighboring ward of Miguel Aleman, where I just was. It is the same building that I was attending now I just go at 11 instead of 9! So that is super weird. I go to church with the same people that I said goodbye to the day before transfers. So, I have left, and yet I haven’t left. I will be able to get to know every person who goes to church in that ward building :) 

Also, we are now living with 4 missionaries in the same house. The house is big enough, so that is good, it just don’t have any beds, so we spent the first day together, first, helping the sister missionaries move into their new house, and then, trying to get ahold of a member with a truck, and then go to the offices to pick up a bunk bed. Not a very successful proselyting day, but we now have beds to sleep in. We are living with 2 other missionaries, Elder Bravo, who is now the new District Leader, and Elder Bresee. It is a little different to get used to, living with other missionaries, but it is all good. 

There are a lot of missionaries that are going to leave in a few months, so instead of finding new houses when opening new areas, they are just having companionships live with another temporarily. We think that we will only be here for one transfer, or 6 weeks. The ward members were surprised, and now have to prepare food for 6 instead of 4..... Everything is being figured out though. Just kind of a weird Transfer :)

This week wasn’t the most successful.... the area that we have been given to work in doesn’t have anyone that is receiving the lessons, so we have to find them. We have only found a few, but we are working on it. 

The Conference was really good, as always. Lots and lots about families. We felt weird as missionaries, as they kept telling the young adults to get married :)  I really like the talk by Holland on the Atonement overcoming the fall. Please watch it, and if you haven’t, watch it again. 
Those that I really like personally were the two seventies that talked about feeling the Gospel, and not just living it. That we need not stop feeling amazement for the gospel, and that we need to hear music of it. I don’t remember their names, but I really liked them. What they said was very true. Sometimes I have felt kind of routine in my missionary work, as I have been doing it for a while, but I need to remember to look for the Spirit always and really feel what I am doing and feel a love for the people. Feel like that applies to members as well, that have been living the gospel for a long time, but then stop feeling it, and just go through the motions. We need to look for the spirit so that we can hear the music. 

I also felt something special with the talk about the Neilson family, who had a sister turn away from the church for 15 years, and that all they could do was wait and keep loving her. God really does work in our lives, if we look for him. 

I also loved the talk about Grace by Uchtdorf, and together with another one on doing good for good´s sake, I have decided that I need to avoid doing things just to get praise, and just do it because I am indebted to God. It is just a new perspective. 

Well, I hope that all is well at home and that Easter was a good. 

Love you all, Thanks for the birthday wishes! 

Love, Elder Redford

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