Friday, April 3, 2015

Transfers, Comp B-day‏ - March 30, 2015

So, as I reported on Thursday, this was a long week with lots of exchanges and talking to lots of people on the street. 

This week my companion also had his Birthday on Friday, march 27. A sister in the ward, Veronica Flores gave him a special birthday lunch, a super yummy meatloaf and spaghetti, and a giant sheet cake. That was really good. 

Then a different family, the Flores family, gave him ANOTHER cake to take home, as long as a hamburger for each of us. So our stomachs were very happy that day and the next. 

On Saturday we found Israel again. He hadn’t contacted us since he didn’t come to church a week ago. We spent the entire day looking for   appointments that we had made. And only one of the 11 appointments were home! That was frustrating. So then we went to look for Israel, who was embarrassed to talk to us because he started drinking again, because he learned that his mom, who loves in the states, is sick and in the hospital. We were about encourage him, and introduce him the the Plan of Salvation. We has super set on going to church, but after 20 minutes of knocking his door Sunday morning, he didn’t come......

  Then on Sunday it was my turn to give a talk. I spoke on Repentance, for 8 minutes. Super short. It turned out well. Then after the services, everyone that could stayed after and Isaac, a young man, 17, who is best friends with the bishop's son (Marcos), was baptized! It was a wonderful service, super full, very spiritual, and his parents were there to watch and had a great experience. Elder Weiss and I got to sing a special musical number with the sister missionaries, whose investigator it was, I’m trying to be like Jesus but in Spanish. It was a great experience. 

That night, however, wasn’t a pleasant experience. A family invited us to come to their house to give Elder Weiss another cake, and we found the husband drunk, and talking bad about his wife, a faithful recent convert. It was not fun. He was trying to convince us how one of Teachings of Modern Day Prophets books was wrong, about how the leaders were corrupt, and was just critizing the members.   His wife, Sister Sandra Noriega, is in need of a lot of help. Things had elevated and she is looking for a divorce... and he was mad that the bishopric was supporting her in her decision. We angry at him and sad for her and the kids..... I will be doing a lot of prayers for   the Noriega family. 

And then, like Mom was thinking about, we heard about transfers. Bum Bum Bum!  
Both Elder Weiss and I are leaving! 

So, we got almost everything packed up in the house, we have said goodbye to a few members, and we are going to say good bye to a few more by the end of the night, and we will see from there. 

It is exciting that this weekend is general conference! I hope that everyone can get ready for it and enjoy it. And also, HAPPY EASTER!

I love you all and will let you know where I am next week! 

Love Elder Redford

Oh  yeah! and I got my birthday package, on Elder Weiss's Birthday, actually :)   Thanks for the treats and the cards! Those are really cool! 

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