Monday, August 3, 2015

Aldo - July 27, 2015

Ok, so this week we found a ton of new investigators, 12 :)
And, it is really hot, nearing 100 almost every day....... I am really hot, like all the time ;)  

From the very first visit, we are talking about Eternal families and the temple, and we are inviting people to baptism as preparation to enter. It is having really good results :) 

On Tuesday my District leader came to work with me in my area, and we had a good day, for the most part. A lot of walking and some very talkative investigators, but we able to get a fair amount done :) 

On Wednesday night a man came up to us and told us that we had put an appointment with him to see him the next day, and asked if it would be alright to change it to another day. We said of course, because that NEVER happens. It was good to see that he really had the interest to stop us and change the day so that he would be there. On our way to that second appointment, we saw them (him and his wife) again in the Market. They told us to come by at 8:00 instead of 6. Ok. That night we finally found them: Aldo, his wife Ana, and their two kids Candi and Shiru (it’s Japanese). It was a good visit, Aldo is really looking to find the truth, and Shiru his son, who is 14, is an ´´I believe in science´´ guy, and has really sophisticated questions. They said yes to baptism but didn’t feel ready yet. 

We were able to visit Aldo and his son again yesterday Sunday and we had a really good lesson with him. We taught the Restoration. He had read the pamphlet but only until the Great Apostasy. He told us that he hadn’t known about that before. So, we talked about that a little and taught about Joseph Smith. After reciting the first vision, he paused and said, hey, that sound like Paul! And then a little later asked, Wait, this really happened? We said: Sí. And then when we showed him the Book of Mormon, he was dying to read it. We know that he felt something as we talked about Joseph Smith, and we know he will read it. He just might have a few trials with going to church for his job. But, it was a very spiritual lesson :) 

Then on Friday went to teach a less active that we found in the market (We do lots of contacting there). She is living with a non-member. We asked the question, What blessings could you receive if you were to grow closed to God? Her answer was perfect; she said: an eternal family. We were like, Yes! We taught about the temple, and that maybe they still lack quite a few things to get there, but we promised them that if they made the effort, that God would help them find the way (He has to divorce his wife to get married with her so that he can be baptized). But, it was a good lessons and it taught me that this message really is one of hope. 

Well, those are the highlights of the week. 

This is probably the last week I have with Elder Martinez. Transfers are this Sunday, so we will see if I will finally get to train or not. I will have 2 transfers left; the same time it takes to train a new missionary (3 months!). But we will see what happens. Elder Martinez already has like 9 months here in this area, and it is his first! 

So, Hope all is well, you are in my prayers, thanks for the support!

Love, Elder Redford

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