Friday, August 28, 2015

Baptism! - August 17, 2015

So, this week had a lot of happenings.

A Baptism, a Confirmation, an Ordination to the Priesthood, 2 Companion Exchanges, and 9 new investigators. 

So, lots of good things happening. 

I really like the Exchange that I could have with the companion of my district Leader, Elder Jepson. He is from Midway and is 26! I didn’t believe it at first. He and his two brothers left on a mission the same day, all to a different place. kinda cool. I really like being able to get to know him better, and we were able to have a good day as well. 

On Wednesday was the baptism! It all turned out really well. I was really scared that there wouldn’t be much attendance, as we weren’t able to let everyone know on Sunday, but my prayers were answered, and the room was full. I lent him a shirt and my white pants so he could get baptized, since he is also pretty tall. The member who helped us teach him, Hermano Martinez baptized him, and it was really good to hear his testimony and the testimony of his wife, who is a member, at the end of the service. After the service, his wife shared a piece of cake with everyone, and luckily there was enough for everyone :) 

On Friday we had Exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I went to work in their Area with Elder Jess, who is from Salt Lake, and from my same generation (we came over here on the same plane) and we are ending on the same day (in less than 3 months!). He was able to remind me that we have progressed a lot since we started, but that it was possible that we might be tempted to be pleased with who we have become or accomplished, and then to just coast until we end. He told me that he didn’t want to do that, but that he wanted to use the rest of the time that he has to keep learning and working hard, and use the time to its fullest. He helped me to see that I was starting to get kind of relaxed in a few things, and that I need to keep on being diligent and using the time that I have left to its fullest. It was a good lesson that I was able to learn from him. So, in these last few days we have been a little more diligent, and the Lord blessed us with 9 new people to teach. So, We just have to keep at it :)  And that is a true principle for every member, sometimes we feel good with what we have accomplished and we think that Enduring the End is just coasting until we finish, but it is really being diligent in keeping the commandments and learning more and doing more. Our purpose here in this life is to progress. And to become more like Christ. so that was a good thing that I learned once again this week. 

On Sunday, Hno Nelson and another investigator of the other Elders who also got baptized on Saturday (Jorge the Taxi driver) were confirmed. Hno Nelson´s wife Letty was also sustained to be the new Primary Secretary, and Hno Nelson was ordained a Priest that same day in the opening of Priesthood. Wow! 

I was also able to say hi to some dear friends, the Serna Family, from my first ward, who were in the stake center after church. It was so good to see them. Sister Serna told me not to get trunky. hehe :) 

Attached are some pics of the baptism, the cake, my district, and the programs that I made for the baptism. Hno Nelson for some reason doesn’t smile in pictures, but he was much more smiley after the service :)  

Well, that was my week. It was a good one. 

I pray that all is well at home and abroad! Good luck with school for all those who are starting this week! 

Elder Redford

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